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Dimana$U$ Prophecy Project

Dimanasus Prophecy MEETOO Breaking News
“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project is a multi-fold project that conglomerates a diversity of spin-off sub-projects to result in going to be a really big Infrastructure-As-a-Service web-platform with big requirements apart from its domain, at least for now, a modest shared server.  Every spin-off sub-project has its own challenges which are to show how those challenges are addressed to making a whole Project truly successful.

Please, be aware of that “” domain-hosting web-resource is under mega-renovation and it redirects to  "" which is a sole website that provides accurate and updated information relevant to the “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project, “Dimanasus Prophecy” Replayed-Reloading Version 1.2.

The beta version of the Project hosted at “” is to be tested before official release as an infrastructure of brand-affiliated dba-websites integrated with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure

This web-resource is a demo-promo-version designed to-
  1. Provide a better accurate project-topic-related information for dealing in association of Project Collaborators and with a support of Project Participants,
  2. Create more transparent and accessible content-providing and orchestrated-services web-resources presenting 3d-party entities engaged with a Project,
  3. Enable all interested to become a part of Project Community and to join the Project.

Project "MEGA-Version" 

Developing Author-branded concepts dedicated to the new generation of Interactive Multimedia Content Delivery Intranet-Extranet-based Network be operated via the interaction of End-user Intellectual Agents and managed by neuro-communication derived type CryptoBlockCell Technology

WEB 4.0/5.0.
NeuroComIntranet + ArtIntellectOptExtranet + QuaCompBrainExternNet
Intranet-Extranet-Gateway access-enabled Content Delivery Network
The multi-task interactive dba-website sub-platforms integration in DPP-Platform is based on adoption of Author-branded research and development ideas-as-initiatives dedicated to designing Web 4.0/5.0 with HTML6 and CSS4 presupposed by the utilization of crypto-assets Blockchain technology based management approaches.

Besides of targeting to achieving a few major goals, the special goal of “MEGA-Version” is to build a interactive multimedia streaming content delivery web-resource, called DPP-Platform, which is to integrate a diversity of sub-platforms deploying user-oriented built-in applications and computer programs that altogether form  "Dimanasus Extern Network"

The products and services be priced in DPP-Coins and be available for distribution via DPP-Platform are proposed in exchange of associated and affiliated crypto-assets.

Before the DPP-Platfrom is officially launched everyone is welcome to GAIN DPP-Coins associated crypto-assets by -

(1) contributing to the “Dimanasus Prophecy” Project by donating and, in return, receiving a double-amount-equivalent in DPP-Coins;
(2) generating DPP-Coins crypto-assets by joining Dimana$U$ExternNet-Project (DEN-Project – X-TernNet);
(3) testing work-in-progress prototypes of mobile applications (alpha-version);
(4) becoming an Active Project Participant.

Since the DPP-Platform is not open for the public just yet, you are welcome to request access for early-stage development testing of its alpha-version.
Selective products and services might be provided by 3d-party project engaged entities, VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS, project-associated groups of subsidiaries including registered affiliates and authorized representatives.

3D-parallax-motion-effect technologyVDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS are engaged in a process of creating experimentally-interactive VER-immersion-enabled  audiovisual products  and mobile applications which are  -

(a) designed to  ENTERTAIN &  EDUCATE, and TAKE (potentially) HEALTH-ISSUE SELF-CARE;

(b) intended to be distributed via the Interactive Content Delivery Network  with Intranet-Extranet Gateway access enabled and  CryptoBlockCell Technology utilization based .

“MEGA-Version” is focused on creating professional-quality audiovisual products featuring interactive Virtual Emulated Reality functionalities, namely:

(1) FILM WITH ANIMATED CARTOON EPISODES (6 Chapters,  30 min. each);

     (2) TV-series with cartoon episodes (12 series, 45 min. each);
     (3) Animated Film (60 min.);
     (4) Computer Animated Cartoon Series (6 series, 30 min. each). 

    Dimanasus Prophecy virtual reality entertainment
    Depending on crowd-funding and/or crowd-investing campaigns scale the final audiovisual products might be released in PROand/or LITE versions described in annotation at the Author's website.

    Virtually Emulated Reality Self-immersion Therapy
    Virtually emulated reality end-user’s components
    The audiovisual products are designed to be screened at mobile gadgets and watched with a usage of Ver-QAG observing device that is to allow the onlooker's experiencing of so-called “Virtually Emulated Reality” self-immersion and enjoying interactive features and health-issue functions based on exploiting Bi-Visual FluctuationsPerception Phenomena.

    Virtual Emulated Reality Brainwaves Therapy
    Brain-Harmonization Frequency-Based NeuroTechnology

    The way of watching or observing of audiovisual products, based on employing Virtually Emulated Reality technology, might be considered as audiovisual stimulation that might be slightly compared with “Autonomous sensory meridian response” (ASMR) characterized by experiencing of "low-grade euphoria" feeling or distinct static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

    Currently, the Author anticipates trends of creating audiovisual products which are based on employing 3D-parallax-motion visual effects with applying so called Pseudo-Augmented Reality Technology (aka “PAR-Tech”).

    Simplified storyboard sketch-demo-screen-shots, created using allegorical and metaphorical oxymoron form of visualization giving enough “clues and hints” to understand,to a certain extent, the Author’s ideas, are presented at the Author’s Facebook Page
    PAR-Tech is a conceptually new 3D-graphical environment augmentation of specifically designed graphic to be screened on mobile phone with a usage of Ver-QAG observing device and be interactively-accessible with a mobile application allowing, in general, generating sensory input of special sound-effect, music-visualization and visual-effects that are user’s interactive and digitally-manipulable.

    3D-glasses-free technique, exploited in featuring mobile application(s) and computer software,  allows end-users enjoy their “AVATAR” role (character/personage) playing and creating profiles with dynamic character and background animation in HTML5/6 and JavaScript (jQuery.plugins).


    If you are interested in gaining FREE “Premium User Subscription” for consuming selective future-distributed products with a usage of attendant/orchestrated services available with great discounts (note: in special cases - free of charge) please, send us an e-mail message indicating your particular interest in becoming the user of DPP-platform and consuming any-chosen product and service mentioned at this website.

    V.D.A. Productions, a dba-name US-based Representative, engaged in administrative control of domain name is PayPal Verified (Merchant account ID: WEZ4E5ZY2858G) and authorized for accepting donations be contributed to the “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project.

    If you like this website, please send us your “love” helping to fund the Author’s and Project Developers’ time that keep the Project running smoothly for everyone. You are welcome to become a contributor and improve the Project yourself.

    Let's talk!

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    Please, be aware that some websites fraudulently exploit the Author’s name of “Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu and the tile of his project, either "Dimanasus Prophecy"   or “Dimana$U$ Prophecy”. To be affiliated with the Author-name and the title of his project including its spin-off sub-projects it is obligatory to have Author’s given and signed written permission.
    The Author has no involvement into fraud-websites which have been reported as an attack websites and which must be blocked based on the security preferences on your computer system. Please, take in consideration that attack websites are compromising the reputation of the Author and internationally distributing harmful software, trying to install programs that steal private information, use the computer to attack others, or damage your computer system; thus get out of attack websites and do not click on their links.

    "Dimanasus Prophecy" and “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” both are unregistered trademarks and brand names used for the identification of products and services be provided within the scope of the entire Project as well as its any-given spin-off sub-projects.

    This website is proudly built with the help of VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS; hence the "WE" and “OUR” you may see quite frequently while browsing its pages. It is the combined efforts of really good people who have provided their services addressed to accomplishing corporative-team-based Author-branded projects over a few years in a past. Some information presented at this website is provided by an independent third-party content provider. This website makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith. If you are really affiliated with some information contained herein and would like it removed, please contact us.

    Although “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” work-in-progress process project is actually not run by one specific company, plenty have helped to develop it out so far. The current design, illustrations, and front-end development of this blogging-website were created with an invaluable assistance of VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS whose great service helped prove the author-branded ideas as a viable project-implementing solution that the whole community could rely on. The selective Figures presented at this website are considered as draft-illustrations, so please, contact the Author for more clarification. 

    Some information presented at this website has been published under the 
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