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"Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project (aka Project) aims at creating new-generation Interactive Audiovisual Content Delivery Network Ecosystem that is to be operated by Local Host Trusted Users  and managed by neuro-communication Local Server computer interface Intellectual-Agent Providers.  


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Allegorical Science of Stupid VS Metaphorical Science of Wisdom

gif animated pictures for cartoon animation produced by the Author

“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project is a multi-fold project conglomerating a diversity of embedded spin-off sub-projects to result in going to be a really big Networking Infrastructure-As-a-Service web-platform with big requirements apart from its domain, at least for now, a modest shared server. Every spin-off sub-project has its own challenges which are aimed at showing how those public-interest challenges are addressed to making a whole Project truly successful.

Project "MEGA-Version" Annotation

...adopting Author-branded researches and innovations based concepts

"Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project: Intellectual-Agent Local Host/Server Trusted Users
Extranet-Intranet Decentralized Organization of Local-Operated Network (E-IDOLON)

           NeuroComIntranet     WEB 4.0/5.0.  ArtIntellectOptExtranet


Intranet-Extranet-Gateway access-enabled Content Delivery Network
   Extranet-Intranet Relying Emulated Nodes of Intelligence Computing Optimization Network 

“MEGA-Version” in-focus-goal is an implementation of DPP-Platform dedicated to distributing Author-branded multimedia web-based products and proposing orchestrated services which are to be priced in DPP-Coins associated crypto-assets.

At present time, anyone interested in joining "Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project  is welcome to hold DPP-Coins associated crypto-assets available by   -

(3) testing work-in-progress local-host mobile application prototypes;

DPP-Platform integrates a diversity of multi-task interactive local-hosted dba-websites (Web 4.0/5.0, HTML6, CSS4) and deploys user-friendly built-in applications and computer programs
Conglomerated infrastructure  of dba-websites forms  "Dimanasus Extern Network" that works as local servers sub-platform networking hybrid of -

1- Extranet-Intranet Decentralized Organization of Local-Operated Network™ (E-IDOLON™);
2-Extranet-Intranet Relying Emulated Nodes of Intelligence Computing Optimization Network™ (E-IRENICON).

Trusted-Users DBA-Website Content Delivery Network

Dimanasus Extern Network” (Dimana$U$ExternNet: X-TernNetlocal host/server network is not open for the public just yet; and the access to early-stage-development products and services (alpha-version testing) is provided by -

1-3d-party entities;
3-project-associated groups/communities of subsidiaries including registered affiliates and authorized representatives.

VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS are engaged in a process of creating experimentally-interactive VER-immersion-enabled  audiovisual products which are  designed to  ENTERTAIN and EDUCATE, and potentially TAKE  HEALTH-ISSUE SELF-CARE.

VDA: Integrating well-forgotten outdated technologies into modern-trend innovations
VDA: Integrating well-forgotten outdated technologies into modern-trend innovations

Featuring Author-branded Audiovisual Products

...utilizing Author-branded “Self-Care through Self-Entertaining” concepts and discoveries

“Dimanasus Prophecy” Project: Computer Animated Cartoon Series

Author-branded web-based interactive audiovisual (multimedia) products are basically to be created utilizing 3D-glasses-free visual effects and featuring "Virtual Emulated Reality" proof-of-concept functionalities.
“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project presents 3D-glasses-free animation

"Virtual Emulated Reality" interactive code-programmed computer animations go much further than "Virtual Reality", JavaScripts Applets and JSON joystick-movement-controlling.

     Depending on funds-collecting scale the audiovisual products might be released in "PRO" or "LITE" pilot-versions described in annotation at the Author's website.

The basic interactive functionality of audiovisual products allows end-user's creating avatar-character (personal photo associated personage) to enjoy embedded-role-playing as a dynamic character in background animation scenes with 3D parallax motion visual effect.

3D-glasse-free visual effect celebrity caricature visualization


Designed to be screened at mobile gadgets and watched with a usage of Ver-QAG observing device the interactive animations basically allow -

1) Experiencing self-immersion;
2) Enjoying interactive features;
3) Using health-care functions based on exploiting Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception Phenomena.

Virtual Emulated Reality Brainwaves Therapy
Brain-Harmonization Frequency-Based NeuroTechnology

Watching, or better to say "observing", Virtual Emulated-Reality interactive animations may be considered the audiovisual stimulation that might be slightly compared with “Autonomous sensory meridian response” (ASMR) characterized by experiencing of "low-grade euphoria" feeling or distinct static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

Currently, the Author anticipates trends of creating audiovisual products which are based on employing 3D-parallax-motion visual effects with applying so called Pseudo-Augmented Reality Technology (aka “PAR-Tech”).

PAR-Tech is a conceptually new 3D-graphical environment augmentation of specifically designed graphic to be screened on mobile phone with a usage of Ver-QAG observing device and be interactively-accessible with a mobile application allowing, in general, generating sensory input of special sound-effect, music-visualization and visual-effects that are user’s interactive and digitally-manipulable.

"Dimanasus Prophecy" Project: Brainwaves EGG entertainment products and services
Brain-Harmonization Frequency-Based NeuroTechnology


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Interactive Digital Center


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V.D.A. Productions (Global), dba-named US-based Representative, is authorized to act on behalf of “VDA PRODUCTION”, Google My Business verified code BY01081801158, and accept donations on behalf of  “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project via PayPal Verified Merchant account.

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