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My literary and graphic works, under no circumstances, are not solely about presenting my potentially-powerful and prospectively-unique theories, all-in-one-structured as ““Russian Matryoshka” for “huge prophetical vistas“— they all, by being told in manner of fairy-tale modern-equivalent transformative never-miss-an- opportunity story-telling, are about  “come-and-go” people’s faces that could have belonged to always-smiling angels who are looking at each other only to detect anger and boredom, the dangerous moods that almost always led majority of them to hell.
 3D visual effect

For instance, the literary style of “Ugly Duckling” fair-tale story-telling that I use in some chapters of “Dreams Inside Out” novelette as a modern equivalent of “Cinderella”, addresses to anyone who is different, who does not follow the rules, or who is no longer useful to the community-around and who feels like he or she came up for tremendous mockery from the side of such community and thus must be killed. 

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The concept of “get-rid-off and no-matter-what” community’s attitude towards someone, who “plays” the role of “Ugly Duckling”, is called “Vain Stains”; and thus the person, who “struggles” for ridding of such “vain stains”, is called “Harvest Vain-Stain”. 
The term “Harvest-in Vain Stains” literally, means “trying to defend the reputation” in the case when it leads to making the things worse and straggling.   

My theory of “Ugly Duckling Struggling-Straggling  is an integration of spin-off theories, elaborated by me and depicted in my “Dreaming Upside- Down” novelette, namely   Suit-Cide”, “InfAnti-Cide” and “EU-Than-Asia” , the terms originated as words-playing with  “suicide”, “infanticide” and “euthanasia” correspondingly,  which altogether form the core of “Bill-Yard Game” theory that serves as a fundamental oxymoron aspect to form the basics of theory called  Moon Other Side Socializing  Apocalypses Paradoxical Prophecy” (abbreviated as  “MOSS APP”), been reflected in my “Dimanasus Prophecy” novelette and be aiming the integration (under the alternate title “Moon Other Side Global Apocalypses Paranoia Prophecy”) with the plot of “Dimanasus Prophecyfilm with animated episodes.

Remarkable to note that the word “moss” might be translated in Russian as “peat bog” in which “bog”, in its turn if translated in Russian, means “God”.

The Russian-English word-playing with “Bog-God” meanings forms the basics of my “Golden Bill-Ion” theory, been reflected in “Dreams Inside Out” novelette and be reflected in “Dreams Inside Out” animated cartoon plot.

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The “Golden Bill-Ion” theory, been reflected in my “FREE-DOM” novelette, is a retrospective analogy authorial over-viewing of the idea of “infanticide” presented in ancient Greece as a common practice of ridding Sparta of children who "lacked health and vigor". The core of this theory, which consists in oxymoron comparison with a “golden billion” theory of conspiracy addressing to “ridding of people” who “lacked the criteria of belonging to 1 billion population left of the Earth”. 
Be reflected in “FREE-DOMvirtual emulated-reality animation plot, “Golden Bill-Ion” theory visualization helps emphasize the importance of individuality and freedom of choice as well as the need for caring relationships between all human beings despite their differences based on deep understanding that memories are necessary so that people can learn from the past and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

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The description of each character is not given to rely on physical attributes but similarity to some world-famous and easy-recognizable person, usually “celebrity” as its prototype either “protagonist” or “antagonist”, that depends on turning it into “some-points mundane bulletin” with some identifying marks, tattoos or something else that helps distinguish “a living and breathing” character’s vivid image appealing to audience’s senses and associative- remembering.

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Each character, supplied with so called “identification hobby” revealing character’s secrets and mystery, is situated purposely uncomfortable by being put in an environment where he or she definitely doesn't fit so the audience can see how the character responds to it.

In the opening scenes the characters are revealing their “likes and dislikes”, “fears and aspirations” by the objects that fill their hands; and each character’s personality is illuminated through action-based appearance in character’s “set-in-motion” dreams which are visualized to make every single character believable to the audience. 

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The characters' actions in many scenes does not include dialogues so along with environmental clues the characters’ development is “obvious” just  with “a few words” they speak.

I deliberately do not use concrete, sensory details to describe my characters and instead of this, I am detailing the scenes of their dreams environment through the concrete character’s eyes; thus the character is shown with inner landscape (“ongoing obsession with sex” and “sexual assault”, for instance) by using allegories and metaphors.
The characters’ personality is illuminated in the light of “Harvest Vain-Stain” visualization concept by means of appearance the common character of “Harvest Vain-Stain” in all characters’ dreams visualization scenes (episodes) to flesh out each character descriptions from one characters’ viewpoints but multi-angled. Such visualization concept is effective because it help audience not only see how each character in a dream-telling story connects to and understands the others but also to reveal the mystery of the entire plot. 
The allegorical and metaphorical form of characters’ dreams visualization, based on appearance of “Harvest Vain-Stain” character holding “a stein” in his hand and asking for alms, adds depth and complexity to each character’s interaction and relationship to be memorable.

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