Dimanasus Extern Network

Global Trusted-Users DBA-website Content Delivery Network
...giving more insights into website local hosting and computer-as-local-server operating to gain benefits you have no idea about...

Dimana$U$ExternNet: X-TernNet:

it’s where FinTech+Intranet+Extranet+Internet+DPP-Coins Crypto-assets System co-exist in mutually-beneficial harmony - all for users’ convenience!

Global Trusted-Users Content Delivery NetworkExtranet-Intranet Representing Emulation Nodes of Intelligence Computing Optimization Network: E-IRENICON 

Extranet-Intranet Decentralized Operating of Local-Organized Networking:  “E-IDOLON

Dimana$U$ExternNet-Project (DEN-Project) is focusing on building  Trusted-Users DBA-Website Content Delivery Network, called “Dimana$U$ExternNet”, that allows accessing the confidential and authorship-protected content published on local-hosted websites (dba-website).

In general, you may need to have a dba-website if YOU WANT –
1-    any content you create to be protected and accessed only by trusted users or visitors;
2-   to reserve your authorship for published content and prevent its usage without your authorization;
3-   monitor users/visitors of your dba-website and to grant access rights to the selective content;
4-   to organize your project-dedicated website in confidentiality-keeping environment;
5-   to share any of your ideas with trusted people only;
     6-   to monetize the content you create. 

Dimana$U$ Intranet and Extranet DPP-Coins Crypto-currency Payment System
Purpose-oriented deployment and goals-achieving operational functioning of dba-website may vary depending on user's personalized prerogatives dedicated to   granting the rights for one-click-accessing applications, programs and software for the user’s choice


(a)          a tool for generating a revenue for its domain registrant enabled to process DPP-Coins intra-system crypto-assets transactions;
(b)         a Web Portal  offering a single point of access to Tele-Java applications, services, commercial-value information and social connections;
(c)          a Personalized Intranet-Extranet Gateway helping achieving all-important confidentiality-keeping  experiences;
(d)         Computing Virtualization and Emulation Tool (e.g. virtually hosted OS, virtually-mounted drives and emulated devices).

Basically dba-website might be monetized and commercialized by means of applying domain-owning estimation procedures such as the followings:

1.     Domain Name Appraisal, Index Scoring and Valuation
2.   Content Rating and Valuation

"Content Rating and Valuaiton" might be applied to raising monetization index by converting  dba-website into mobile application ( "Tele-Java” concept-based application). If you already have a website (or unused domain name) it might be re-designed for landing page or End-User’s predefined micro-website integrated in dba-website and operated as infrastructure of Virtualized Network Functions in Virtual Machine Emulated Environment (Emulated Virtual Environment).

You dba-wesite dedicated mobile application generally allows -


2- emitting and distributing crypto-discounter tokens. 

Domain Name Appraisal for "Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project


By joining DEN-Project you will may –

(1) Get your own FREE local-host website;
(2) Create and develop Your Intellectual Property Assets based project in a confidential ecosystem;
(3) Monetize  your  website by generating intra-system crypto-assets valued income.

Local server hosted “dba-website” may beneficially serve as a networking tool for-

(a) Organizing Intranet-Extranet infrastructure that meets you needs in creating social net-working/co-working User Groups of “customers”, “funs”, “collaborators”, etc.;
(b) Traffic-generating and search-engine-optimizing of already-existing website, social media profiles and blogs, etc.;
(c)  Income-generating by Affiliate-Program-Involving;
(d)  Profit-gaining by referral programs social-network-engaging;
(e)  Monitoring of Loyalty programs or other programs you provide.

Integrate website into Trusted-Users DBA-Website Content Delivery Network

Registering domain name for dba-website might be very useful if you are interested in -
  • Sharing information exclusively with our partners
  • Enabling API (Application Program Interface) integrating any application into your website so you can brand and sell our services directly to your customers
  • Collaborating with our partnered and affiliated digital companies on joint development efforts
  • Jointly developing and using training programs with partnered digital companies
  • Providing and accessing services proposed by one digital company to a group of other digital companies
  • Improving efficiency in your customers’ satisfaction and your users' affiliating with our partnered digital companies 

In addition, dba-website might be used for -

(a) Fast data exchanging (Data Transmission and Maintenance)
(b) Making easy to keep up-to-date trained (Knowledge management)
(c) Improving information management (Transmission of information)
(d) Optimizing communications with external parties, facilitating joint-working and enhancing team integration (Cooperation and Collaboration)
(e) Being open all hours, 24/7 access enabling more flexible working arrangements for blogs, discussion forums and webinars, automated business processes, video, podcasts, wikis and etc.

"Dimanasus Prophecy" Project: next-generation VPC-net-working-platforms conglomerate


The abbreviated prefix of “DBA” or “dba” (“doing-business-as”) in context of DEN-Project is to be decoded as “Dimanasus-Brand-Associated” or “Dimanasus-Branding- Affiliated”.

“DBA-website” or “dba-website” is a local hosted website, associated with a domain name containing “dimanasus” brand-name  (“Domain Partner Name”), that might be accessed by redirecting to a local server IP.

The content of dba-website may be recorded on -

1-virtual disk on your computer;
2-Micro SD memory card;
3-USB memory stick.

Here are below a few samples of Domain Partner Names for “dba-website” with any possible variation for “tld” (an abbreviation for Top Level Domain - the extension of a domain name following the dot: “.edu”, “.net”, “.org”, and etc.):

-      “dimanasus_yourname.tld”

-      “yourname-dimanasus.tld”

-      “dimanasus.yoursitename.tld”

-      “dimanasusprophecy.tld” (excepting “.com” TLD)

local host server side Global Trusted-Users Content Delivery Network

Dimana$U$ExternNet is to be built on principles of distributed blockchain-registry and be featuring mobile-responsive and multiple-devices hybrid infrastructure designed to integrate emerging virtualization-emulation-computing technologies.


Creating multi-hierarchy ExternNet-authorizing VPC-networking ecosystem allows conglomerating local-hosted dba-websites to  -

1-be rolled up into a single all-in-one package of diversity of applications;

2-be taken advantages for easy and secure forward-thinking business-to-business transactions and person-to-person User-Groups-based interactions and communications;

3- facilitate and secure the intellectual property assets business-making activities and affairs.

The notion of "ExternNet" defines "a hybrid Intranet- Extranet VPN-based IP-address-tunneling networking infrastructure" that itself is considered as "Infrastructure-as-Service" and "Infrastructure-as-Application" dedicated to implementing virtually-emulated in-cloud User Applications

ExternNet integrates Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) web-platforms powered with VPS (Virtual Private Servers) ecosystem deploying a wide range of applications and providing relevant services resulting in creating DPP-Coins Discounter System

ExternNet integrates Virtual Private Cloud Payoneer

Featuring mobile-responsive and multiple-devices hybrid infrastructure of Intranet and Extranet, Dimana$U$ExternNet  implements Secure Domain Storage technology that applies to all registered domains in so-called "cold" storage, outside the public Internet but inside of Intranet and Extranet in-cloud virtual computers that allows eliminating the risk of hacker attacks and the stealing of domains.

Free In-and-Out Transfers applies to transferring of your dba-website domains to your own private wallet that facilitates promoting new ways for monetization and capitalization of “dba-website”.

DPP-Coins Crypto-Assets Income Generating Concept  behind DEN-Project 

Blockchain-Based Domain Partner Name

Dimana$U$ExternNet, empowered with DPP-Coins crypto-assets exchange-as-a-payment flow, exploits Blockchain-Based Domain Partner Name registering of crypto-based domain names with “.tld” such as “.bit”, ”.coin” and etc.

DPP-Coins crypto-asset does not rely on miners to carry out cryptography hashing. With no need of consuming huge amounts of computing power and electricity due to its competitive currency-adoption concept, “CryptoBlockCell-Tech”  quasi-blockchain technology allows website owners replace the role of the “miners” be rewarded for their efforts by participating in DPP-Coins associated digital assets processing and distributionEmbedding JavaScript snippets and plug-ins on “Dimanasus Prophecy” brand-associated website allow processing cryptocurrency payments, securing a blockchain networking, enabling the secure storage and transfer of data on a standard PC or mobile device.

“Dimanasus Prophecy” brand-associated Website Owners are to be provided with new ways to monetize the content of their websites in conjunction with alternative methods for an additional revenue stream conditioned on embedding code snippets copied and pasted from the DPP-Platform, self-serve ad platform, and  loaded as a post-page-load async process, and carried out with the end-user’ consent. 

“Dimanasus Prophecy” brand-associated Website Owners may earn additional revenue through the affiliate program and integrate DPP-Coins associated digital assets acquisition, payments and subscriptions on their sites with the merchant tools. The DPP-Platform, as soon as launched, aims at adding further monetization options. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of DEN-Project please, CONTACT US and ask any question you have in your mind