Dimanasus Extern Network

These savvy-scores are created to give anyone interested more insights into websites-branding blockchain-based conceptualization that is a core of
Dimana$U$ExternNet-Project (DEN-Project)


it’s where FinTech and Blockchain, Intranet and Extranet plus DPP-Coins Cryptocurrency Payment System co-exist in mutually-beneficial harmony - all for users’ convenience!

Dimanasus Extern Network

Dimana$U$ExternNet: X-TernNet

The difference is in the details:  

The details are not just the details - they design IDEAS!

  • Extranet-Intranet Representing Emulation Nodes of Intelligence Computing Optimization Network:EIRENICON 
  • Extranet-Intranet Decentralized Operating of Local-Organized Networking:  “EIDOLON”

Global Trusted-Users Content Delivery Network

Dimana$U$ExternNet-Project is focusing on building Global Trusted-Users Content Delivery Network , calledDimana$U$ExternNet”, allowing all interested be either business entity or organization, or private individual to achieve profit-sharing and benefits-gaining goals addressing registering domain name for so called “dba-website”.
Each dba –website  is subject to its further monetization and commercialization under applying of estimation-value-procedures such as in particular, the  followings:

1.     Domain Name Appraisal;
2.   Domain Name Index Scoring and Valuation.

Dimana$U$ExternNet is an conglomerate of “dba-websites” each of which may serve in general as –

(a)          a tool for generating a revenue for its domain registrant, the owner, who is enabled to obtain payments either in  US dollars or DPP-Coins intra-system cryptocurrency ;
(b)         a Web Portal  offering a single point of access to the applications, services, information and social connections;
(c)          a Personalized Intranet-Extranet Gateway helping achieving all-important personalized user-customer-client experiences;
(d)         a tool of Computing Virtualization and Emulation allowing accessing and using any virtually hosted OS and empowering your computers with virtually-mounted  Hard-Drives, DVD-Drives, Multimedia Player, and one-click-accessible applications, programs and software for the user’s choice.

By joining Dimana$U$ExternNet you might be offered, besides the standard benefits, with a lot of extras, as briefly described below.

Your benefiting from joining Dimana$U$ExternNet Project in a capacity either a business-entity or organization or an individual depends on purpose-oriented and goals-achieving deployment and operational functioning of “dba-website” you register.

KEEP IN MIND that you do not need to build a “dba-website” – it will be created by VDA PRODUCITON COLLABORATORS engaged in supporting “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project’s initiatives.


You are welcome to CONTACT US  indicating your interest in registering  “dba-website” so  in our return we let you know what kind of specific benefits you may get by your engagement in DEN-Project and further joining Dimana$U$ExternNet infrastructure.

You may register “dba-website” domain name(s) for the address of your choice such as your residence or office-location address or for our startup Company’s representative’s addresses worldwide.

The registering of domain name(s) under the startup Company’s representative’s addresses is regulated and governed by the Contract to be signed between you and the Company’s authorities (e.g POA-empowered authority, etc.).

Dimana$U$ExternNet , as a pattern of  ExternNet, employs the concept of Intellectual Property Registry that secures the procedures of monetizing, commercializing and capitalizing any form of the intellectual property.

Dimana$U$ExternNet: dba-website

The decentralized-domain-names net-working infrastructure of “dba-websites” is called Dimana$U$ExternNet.


Your own newly-registered “dba-website” may beneficially serve for you as a Net-Working-Tool for-

(a)           Organizing Intranet-Extranet-based VPN-infrastructure that meets you needs as an individual or organization, or business entity (e.g. creating social net-working/co-working User Groups of “customers”, “funs”, “collaborators” and etc.;
(b)Traffic-generating and search-engine-optimizing of your already-existing website, social media profiles and blogs, etc.;
(c)             Income-generating by Affiliate-Program-Involving;
(d)                       Profit-gaining by referral programs social-network-engaging;
(e)  Monitoring of Loyalty programs or other programs you provide;
(f)              Managing multi-branded coalition’s networking and employing “clever agreements” on alternative-blockchain-technology basis;
(g)                      Key- receiving for appropriate-level-accessing the ExternNet.

By joining Dimana$U$ExternNet you also may –

(a)     Create open/closed source projects and create new best blockchain startups;
(b)     Develop  intellectual property licensing networking-networking-tools;
(c)      Create intra-corporate communication and authorization networking-networking-tools; 
(d)    Employ various software solutions for increasing trust in crypto-currency-based financial systems and banking;
(e)     Be offered with consulting services addressing the integration of blockchain technology into your own software;
(f)      Be consulted in the field of secure-investing in innovations-based blockchain startups.

Depending on the scope of your personal and/or business making interests there are many scores for your excitement of joining Dimana$U$ExternNet.

Registering domain name for dba-website might be very useful if you are interested in -
  • Sharing information exclusively with your partners
  • Enabling API (Application Program Interface) integrating any application into your website (you can brand and sell our services directly to your customers)
  • Collaborating with other companies on joint development efforts
  • Jointly developing and using training programs with other companies
  • Providing and accessing services provided by one company to a group of other companies, such as an online banking application managed by one company on behalf of affiliated banks
  • Improving efficiency in your customers’ satisfaction

In addition, dba-website might be used for -

(a) Fast data exchanging (Data Transmission and Maintenance)
(b) Making easy to keep up-to-date trained (Knowledge management)
(c) Improving information management (Transmission of information)
(d) Optimizing communications with external parties, facilitating joint-working and enhancing team integration (Cooperation and Collaboration)
(e) Being open all hours, 24/7 access enabling more flexible working arrangements for blogs, discussion forums and webinars, automated business processes, video, podcasts, wikis and etc.

Trusted-Users Content Delivery Network free SSL certificate

DNSSEC required

To avoid DNS cache attacks, DNSSEC is to issue a SSL certificate; an additional GPG/PKI like solution might be added for increased security. 

Crypto-currency Addresses in DNS-based Emulation Networking System

A simplest example for DPP-Coins Waves Nodes be hosted at

$ dig dppcoins.waves.dimanasusprophecy.com TXT | sort
dppcoins.waves.dimanasusprophecy.com. 3600    IN    TXT   
"ico:10 btc:39qkx3P1yKWBs4iwe1kkQ8y893paJKJDa1"
dppcoins.waves.dimanasusprophecy.com. 3600    IN    TXT   
"ico:20 ltc:LMTFEzJCYozY3q7Ah1ECFiUgFCu9Xz9qW3"
dppcoins.waves.dimanasusprophecy.com. 3600    IN    TXT   
"ico:30 btcbch:qp54863e2swmauyjglmp5xdxq2hgwnyzwc0wy9s269"

Cryptocurrency addresses is published as TXT records to a domain of dba-website and in order to receive a payment simply say "send it to dppcoins.waves.dimanasusprophecy.com", so the client resolves that TXT record and the accompanying addresses and uses the priority field as a guideline for choosing which address to pick up first. MX records are implemented as TXT; the lower the priority - the more preferred it is.

TXT format standardization:

ico:[priority] space [currency]:[address]
$ dppcoins.waves.dimanasusprophecy.com TXT | sort | head -n 1
dppcoins.waves.dimanasusprophecy.com.    3600   IN    TXT   "ico:10 btc: 39qkx3P1yKWBs4iwe1kkQ8y893paJKJDa1"
  • ico:: a prefix in the TXT record (much like SPF knows the "v=spv1" foxed value prefix
  • 10: the priority
  • btc: preferred currency (Bitcoin)
  • 39qkx3P1yKWBs4iwe1kkQ8y893paJKJDa1: the btc address to accept payments
The priority allows diversification of your crypto-currency assets portfolio so adding multiple crypto-currencies allows the sender the freedom to choose which currency (posted as DNS records) he or she prefers.

Assuming 1 domain equals 1 address set, “user@dba-website domain” email-scheme allows a multi-user way to delivery crypto-currency to multiple users on such dba-website domain. 


The abbreviated prefix of “DBA” or “dba”, normally standing for “doing-business-as”, is to be decoded as “Dimanasus-Brand-Associated” or “Dimanasus-Branding- Affiliated”; thus “dba-website” or “DBA-website” is a website that contains the brand-name of “dimanasus” in its domain name, or else called “Domain Partner Name”.

Here are below a few samples of Domain Partner Names for “dba-website” with any possible variation for “tld” (an abbreviation for Top Level Domain - the extension of a domain name following the dot: “.edu”, “.net”, “.org”, and etc.):

-      “dimanasus_yourname.tld”

-      “yourname-dimanasus.tld”

-      “dimanasus.yoursitename.tld”

-      “dimanasusprophecy.tld” (excepting “.com” TLD)

 Currency Agnostic is a solution for all new virtual crypto-currencies to come.

Multi-Tenancy allows DNS records for delegation of multiple-users accounts on the same dba-website ".tld" domain

The Validator Regex:

ico:([0-9]+) ([a-z]{3,}):([a-zA-Z0-9]+)

  • group #1: the priority
  • group #2: the currency
  • group #3: the address


Dimana$U$ExternNet-Project (DEN-Project) aims at creating the multi-hierarchy authorizing next-generation VPC-net-working-platforms conglomerate of dba-websites. 

Dimana$U$ExternNet  integrates diversity of web-platforms conglomerating dba- websites to be rolled up into a single all-in-one package of diversity of applications taking advantages for easy and secure forward-thinking business-to-business transactions and person-to-person User-Groups-based interactions and communications which all together facilitate the intellectual property based business-making activities and affairs.

Featuring mobile-responsive and multiple-devices hybrid infrastructure of Intranet and Extranet, Dimana$U$ExternNet  implements Secure Domain Storage technology that applies to all registered domains in so-called "cold" storage, outside the public Internet but inside of Intranet and Extranet in-cloud virtual computers that allows eliminating the risk of hacker attacks and the stealing of domains.

Free In-and-Out Transfers applies to transferring of your dba-website domains to your own private wallet that facilitates promoting new ways for monetization and capitalization of such particular “dba-website”.

Dimana$U$ExternNet is to be built on principles of distributed blockchain-registry and be featuring mobile-responsive and multiple-devices hybrid infrastructure of Intranet and Extranet that forms Global Trusted-Users Content Delivery Network, called  ExternNet and designed to integrate emerging virtualization-emulation-computing technologies.

Dimana$U$ExternNet, empowered with DPP-Coins cryptocurrency payment flow, exploits Blockchain-Based Domain Partner Name registering of crypto-based domain names with “.tld” such as “.bit”, ”.coin” and etc.

ExternNet integrates Virtual Private Cloud Payoneer

One of patterning web-platform be integrated into Dimana$U$ExternNet is DPP-Platform integrating Crypto-currency  Discounter  Bond Acquire System”.

DPP-Coins cryptocurrency does not rely on miners to carry out cryptography hashing. With no need of consuming huge amounts of computing power and electricity due to its competitive currency-adoption concept, “CryptoBlockCell-Tech”  quasi-blockchain technology allows website owners replace the role of the “miners” be rewarded for their efforts by participating in DPP-Coins associated digital assets processing and distributionEmbedding JavaScript snippets and plug-ins on “Dimanasus Prophecy” brand-associated website allow processing cryptocurrency payments, securing a blockchain networking, enabling the secure storage and transfer of data on a standard PC or mobile device.
“Dimanasus Prophecy” brand-associated Website Owners are to be provided with new ways to monetize the content of their websites in conjunction with alternative methods for an additional revenue stream conditioned on embedding code snippets copied and pasted from the DPP-Platform, self-serve ad platform, and  loaded as a post-page-load async process, and carried out with the end-user’ consent. 

“Dimanasus Prophecy” brand-associated Website Owners may earn additional revenue through the affiliate program and integrate DPP-Coins associated digital assets acquisition, payments and subscriptions on their sites with the merchant tools. The DPP-Platform, as soon as launched, aims at adding further monetization options. 

ExternNet is a hybrid Intranet- Extranet VPN-based IP-address-tunneling net-working infrastructure, Infrastructure-as-Service and Infrastructure-as-Application, that implements virtually-emulated-in-cloud User Applications, user-friendly tools and features - all at user’s convenience.

ExternNet integrates Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) web-platforms powered with VPS (Virtual Private Servers) ecosystem deploying a wide range of applications and providing relevant services aimed at resulting in increased productivity and time-cost savings.


PayPal Merchant account ID: WEZ4E5ZY2858G

You may help facilitate and speed up“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project web-resource renovating process by donating funds sent to V.D.A. Productions US-based Representative.

The “DONATIONS” might be sent in-

(a)          USD

(b)         EURO.

The US-citizens and any organization based in the United States may send “DONATIONS” by means of funds bank-transferring directly to the V.D.A. Productions Representative’s bank account (the bank located at the territory of USA). Please, contact us here for details.

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