Each “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” sub-project is based on exploiting the Author’s intellectual property assets and addressed to separate direct-financing (producing/investing) campaigns.

The Business Plan of selected sub-project, presented either in PDF or electronic form as a set of web-pages (*.mht) to be viewed offline, is available at your request after signing the “LETTER OF INTENT” either with the Author or with a business entity (or group of entities) that has been already enrolled into the concrete sub-project producing scheme in a capacity of “Financial Participant(s)”.  The “LETTER OF INTENT” to be signed between you and “Financial Participant(s)” is to be obligatory “WITNESSED” by the Author with his signature.

Each sub-project Business Plan includes “Appendixes” as “DVD” that might be provided through a post-mailing service, in particular (but not limited):

1) Appendix #1- Product and Services:
-a full-version of “Products” and “Services” specifications, drawings, photos, video-teasers and video-trailers, storyboard screen-shots visualizations (still images, animations, comics-like graphics), audio/music/ soundtrack samples files, promotional web-pages structured  brochures and articles) 

2) Appendix #2- Month-by-Month Financials:
- info-graphics, JPG/PNG-images and GIF-animations files together with XLS-files  illustrating of the company's month-by-month expenses financing at the pre-production (pre-operating), production and post-production  stages.
Some selected files recorded on DVD might be sent to you (one *.rar archive file) via email.

(Content Introduction)

1.     Cover Page

1.1. The Author’s company (or representative company) logo and contact information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, Skype, social media profiles and web-sites links, etc.);

1.2. The “Financial Participant” (business entity, organization, etc.) logo and contact information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, Skype, web-site(s), social media profiles links, etc.);

2.     Table of Contents

It provides a list of links to the web-pages, been done in a manner so that if any changes are made to the content of any web-page, it gets updated and synchronized as soon as viewed online.
Depending on the scope of concrete sub-project and its specific features Table of Content may vary, in particular some sections, as listed below, might be absent or added:

    Executive Summary;        Pre-operating Source and Use of Funds
    Company Description;     Products and Services
    Marketing Plan;               Operational Plan;                          
    Revenue Forecast;           Personnel Forecast
    Income Statement;           Statement of Cash Flow;             
    Break-even Analysis;       Best and Worst Case Analysis

    Appendix 1 - Year 1 Monthly Breakdown;
    Appendix 2 - Any Additional Support Information

3.     Executive Summary

3.1.         Detailing the marketing strategies that the Author and “Financial Participant” bring to the most effective way of accomplishing the project;
3.2.         Detailing the audiovisual product(s) and services which might be provided to the potential audience/customers either on the “free-of-charge” or “small fee” basis during the whole period of process of developing and working-on the project;
3.3.         Detailing the size of the relevant market that the company of “Financial Participant” is uniquely suited to succeed, and the amount of additional investment being sought;
3.4.         Clearly stating how much funds are to be invested in total and how it will be paid back.
4.     Objectives

4.1.         Relevant market capture rate and financial profitability timelines (including new product launch/release dates);
4.2.         IP-VALUATION (appraisal report) of the Author’s intellectual property assets which are supposed to be turned into shareholding company’s intangible assets and/or authorized capital paying;
4.3.         Providing license agreement which either have been already signed with already-involved “Financial Participant” or be intended to be signed with a new “Financial Participant”.

5.     Mission Statement

5.1.         Detailing the Author’s mission statements including his strengths and detailing of start-up company goals, objectives and business-making strategy (start-up company establishing in legal form of ownership). 

6.     Keys to Success

6.1.         Detailing the information of the Authors’ “trade secrets”, “commercial secrets” and “know-how” to be exploited and applied while developing the project (such info is not available for public);
6.2.         Detailing the information of the Author’s concept, methods, technique and theories together with the ideas behind them which have already been annotatively published for the potential audience/customers’ acknowledgment.

7.     Investor Return and Exit Strategy

This section contains strictly “CONFIDENTIAL” information that regards to guaranteeing and securing the investments and specifying “Good leaver” and “Bad leaver” Exit Strategy principles.

Projects Business Plan Provision

8.     Financial Overview

8.1.         FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS and the business summary overview  of each “Financial Participant” company’s shareholding (if applicable), together with detailing the specific information in respect to product or service provided by such company and that is relevant to the scope of the project;
8.2.         Providing the Financial Summary of the financial situation and financial projections of the intellectual property assets targeted to be turned into the intangible assets of the company of the “Financial Participant” or newly-established company that will operate the project developing and accomplishing processes;
8.3.         Providing “Revenue Forecast” and detailing the revenue that the company will receive, and the direct costs (comprehensive graphs illustrate the amount of revenue and gross margin each line item contributes);
8.4.         Providing of the “Income Statement” (profit-and-loss statement: cost of revenue, operating expenses, depreciation, interest, taxes, and bottom-line earnings for the first three years).
8.5.         Providing of the “Statement of Cash Flow” illustrating the company's cash received and cash spent for a three-year period (categories: operating, investing, and financing);
8.6.         Providing the operating activities report of the “Financial Participant” company's business operations (investing activities,  detailing the company's property, equipment, transactions, financing activities accounting, company's paid-in capital and debt):

a)     Detailing the needs of additional investing and  initial investment (multiple) requirements;
b)    Detailing report of the value of the company of each “Financial Participant” for the given-period (last two or three years before the date of pre-production stage launching) and internal rate of return for 3 different cases.

9.     Financial Participant(s) Company’s Business Operating  Summary and perspectives of the formation of “Project Investors’ Alliance” 

9.1.         Providing the Management Summary and the history of the company of each “Financial Participant” and its owners including how they will use their experience to implement successful business strategies aiming to effectively achieve the goals of the project:

a)     Detailing the needs of the formation of the Project Investors’ Alliance (hereinafter “PIA”) by establishing a tax-exempt shareholding company in a proper jurisdiction worldwide and  appointing each “Financial Participant” as “1st Board of Director”;
b)    Detailing the aspects of the shareholding company location (registration), structure and ownership (summation of the principle owners and the company’s shareholding and the company’s authorized capital formation);
c)     Providing an honest assessment of a shareholding company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (explaining internal and external factors, and positive and negative forces affecting such company);
d)  Providing the information of milestones that the company has set.

9.2.         Providing “Balance Sheet” that includes the “Financial Participant” company's assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity for a given time-period;
9.3.         Providing the “Best and Worst Case” analyses illustrating what the PIA- company’s financial statements might look like with an increase or decrease in revenue;
9.4.          Providing the “Break-Even Analysis” detailing two different break-even points (operating break-even accounts for the PIA-company's revenue and expenses on the income statement, investment cash flow break-even operating the inflows and outflows, transferring money, except investments).


    10. Pre-Operating Source and Use of Funds

            10.1. Detailing of the expenses (budget calculations/summaries of pre-production, production, post-production costs, etc.),
(Budget picture);
10.2.    Author’s Intellectual Property Assets Inventory Summary (“trade-secrets”, “know-how”, “trade-marks”, copyrights, etc.);
10.3.  The cost of the Shareholding Company formation (project investor’s alliance) and investment and debt needed to facilitate such company’s business objectives (pre-operating expenses and funding occur before the company receives revenue). 

This section might be supplemented and completed by financial consultants of “Financial Participant” company.

11. Products and Services

11.1.    Providing list of products or services accompanied by annotative presentation. All specifications, drawings, photos, image, screen-shots, videos and other bulky items belong in Appendix #1);
11.2.    Detailing of the factors that give competitive advantages and commercial value potentiality of each Product and Service;

(to be continued)

12. Market Needs and Solutions

 This section contains “CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION” that concerns specific products and services succeeding in the market and “next generation boom” marketing solutions. Such information is to be reviewed, approved, and supposed to be supplemented and completed by market analysts of a new “Financial Participant” company.

13. 13. Potential Audience and Customers Market Analysis

13.1.    General overview of the product/service market relevant to the scope of the project and each “Financial Participant” company's operations on a national and international levels;
13.2.    Specification of the potential audience/customers geographic regions and description of the recent spike in the local market for products, services and software as a service or business intelligence tools which are pertinent and relevant to the scope of the project;
13.3.    Detailing the information that concerns e-commerce growth pertinent to the company or growth in particular market sectors (annual sales figures, market trends, major competitors, projected future market size)
13.4. Detailing of the information on targeting audience and the specific information on targeting audience together with providing Demographics Summary of variety of data customized to its relevance to each category of potential audience/customers (age, gender, sex, and median income, school enrollment, education attainment, marital status, region of birth, language spoken, employment status, occupation, industries occupying the workforce, and class of worker, etc.);
     13.5. Detailing the market segments addressed to each category of the potential audience (“kids”, “teens”, “adults”);
13.6. Detailing the businesses identifying audience/customers living in Collaborators’ locations (a detailed description of the type of people who live in such areas to be recognized as potential audience/customers).

(to be continued)

14. Market Segmentation and Marketing Strategy/Implementation

14.1. Summarizing and describing of marketing initiatives, online and web operations strategies aiming reaching the potential audience/customers (company's website, third-party web-platform integration used to increase profits).
14.2. Specification of marketing channels, methods of advertising, campaign strategies, and strategic partnerships utilized.
14.3. Profiling potential audience and customers on a business-to-consumer (B2C) and/or business-to-business (B2B) basis (detailing demographics and psychographics for B2C, the number and size of companies targeted for B2B).

15. Competitive Landscape

    This section provides CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION in respect to researching the information on competitors.

    16.    Personnel Forecast:  Hiring the Staff/Employees and Enrolling Project Collaborators and Freelancers 

  16.1. Providing the list of employees needed to be officially hired;
 16.2.   Detailing of Collaborators and Freelancers enrolling principles and procedures;
  16.3. Project developing and accomplishing team-leadership;
  16.4. Designating the needs and goals of each Collaborator’s operating in his location (listed in a table).
 16.5. Providing total headcount, average salary per category and total pay per category.


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