JavaScript concept-based application

Tele-Java concept-based mobile Applications
Your Website (e.g. Blog, social media profile, etc.) popularization and monetization:

JOIN our PROJECT by Testing “Tele-Java” concept-based Applications (prototype alpha-version) and START BENEFITING from

HOSTING YOUR WEBSITE integrating built-in Crypto-Assets Generator on Your Device!

DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in a 4G/5G Networking Mobile Application as a set of TXT-FORMATTED FILES including packaging a complete ESMTP client with SASL authentication and TLS negotiation supported be recorded on memory card (MicroSD) or USB flash-drive be plugged in your electronic device


(1) Download any mobile application that may contain hidden installation for malicious code-running files which you are never aware of”,

(2) Change the application user-friendly “Settings” with no need to dive deeper in “how it works” by Reading Lengthy-Boring Manuals and Guides for How-To-Use Documentation.

You are still recommended to scan all TXT-files with your favorite anti-virus program to make sure about everything is absolutely clean.

The alpha-version of “Tele-Java” concept-based application is an emulated and virtualized prototype that consists of a set of TXT-formatted and distributed JavaScript programming applets and networking-architecture utilities recorded on memory card (MicroSD) and/or USB flash drive (memory sticks).

 “Tele-Java” is a brand new concept for creating mobile application be empowered with a wide-range presupposed user-oriented functionalities and basically designed for –

(A)           Creating End-User’s predefined website integrated in dba-website and operated as infrastructure of Virtualized Network Functions in Virtual Machine Emulated Environment (Emulated Virtual Environment),

(B)           Generating, collecting and managing DPP-COINS CRYPTO-ASSETS built for dba-website DPP-Wallet,

(C)           Emitting and distributing of crypto-discounter tokens (PEG-Tokensand COIL-Tokens).

The emulated and virtualized application prototype –

(1)             emulates the consoles (use-case-emulating cross-platform compilation of code) enabling running an operating system on a memory card plugged in Smartphone or Tablet;
(2)            exposes a virtual resource (such as CPU, disk, ram, nic, etc.) virtualized by specific CPU instruction sets designed to virtualize a CPU into more vCPUs to be used in combination with hypervisors.

Coming with a completely new vision on the generation of mobile networking application that does not need the installation on the device, the “Tele-Java” concept introduces the unique approach to the ID-accessed Multi-Content Delivery Network and Crypto-assets Generator aiming at supplying new digital services close to the end-user and allowing benefitting  from User’s prebuilt-in context sensitive Website localhost-accessibility ecosystem and customizable, predefined revenue-generating triggers in prime locations.

“Tele-Java” concept-based Application may be designed

to meet Your basic needs in -

(1)            Generating additional revenue through up- and cross-selling-buying DPP-Coins Crypto-assets directly from Smartphone and Tablet (or computer);

(2)            Monetizing Your Website Pages ecosystem through ready-to-use and customizable triggers be configured easily and designed for maximum impact;

(3)            Increase awareness of up-sellable and cross-sellable products and/or services in the area of DPP-Coins crypto-assets acquisition,

(4)            Advertising Your Own Products and Services in Your Website portfolio,

(5)            Providing the transparent, end-to-end crypto-assets measurement required to ensure scalability, growth and success in the online marketplace-trading,

(6)            Capturing total website pages visitors’ behavior on browsers and apps across Smartphones  and/or Tablets.                     

Monetize Your Website Pages with DPP crypto-currency


The DPP-Wallet is a JavaScript based set of instructions and data programming utilities used to virtualize and emulate a data-storage cluster (may be protected by PIN, password, fingerprints) on a virtual device (e.g. virtual smart card) operated and executed by specific tasks addressed to generating, collecting and managing crypto-assets be it either a storing private keys so they can't be hacked or a preventing the wallet-accessing on a malware infected device (or by unknown device).

host mobile applicaiton on usb drive and micro-sd memory card
Referring to applications, scripts and programs that virtualize and emulate DPP-Wallet on virtual device, it's possible to have it recorded on USB flash drive or memory card (e.g. MicroSD) to be further plugged to mobile gadget or computer. The usage of VDA Browser with a browser-integrated crypto-assets wallet allows a desktop or display screen-enabled trustworthy DPP-Wallet accessing and providing extra security for verifying and displaying important wallet functionality features and details so the user can basically  generate, collect and managing (important note: it’s NOT traditional crypto-mining!) crypto-assets.
All-in-one functionality of DPP-Wallet is based on virtual simulation with software assisted virtualization and emulation allowing managing and using of DPP-Wallet virtual crypto-assets card.

The DPP-Wallet Payee information defines how and to whom revenue from your profit-generating dba-website will be paid thus it includes the Payee's ID information and preferred method of payment. You may have multiple Payees on your account as well as allow only one Payee’s account be applied to a given product or service.

Becoming dba-website Your-App-Operator to gain extra benefits

FREE Distance-Learning Training based Program is available for registered Project Participants to be provided with the following basic courses (can be mixed & matched per your requirements):

·         DNS Authoritative Basic deployment & maintenance
o    mDNS admin
·         Authoritative Advanced deployment & maintenance, including DNSSEC
o    DNSSEC advanced admin
o    DBA monitoring DNS performance
o    Dba-website host-operator


1.      “System”:  a web-cloud platform consisted of at least two Virtual Private Servers (VPS) operating the infrastructure of “dba-websites”;
2.    “User”: anyone who joints the System by registering his or her own dba-website;
3.    “End-User”: anyone joined the User’s operating dba-website network; 
4.    “Your App” or “Your-App”:  a set of TXT-formatted files recorded on memory card (microSD) and/or USB-device to be plugged in User’s electronic device (e.g. mobile gadget, computer).

The End-Users (e.g. customers, visitors, etc.) may quickly access and interact with the User’s dba-website soon after the System verifies End-User’s ID. The System automatically emulates a temporal storage for the files the User would like to keep on dba-website be available for viewing and/or downloading online. By running a simple localhost-server the System starts processing and serving the static “dba-website” to allow it easily interact with the End-Users. If desired, the User may edit the content of dba-website (customized landing page) to try different custom-oriented ID approaches like for instance, marketing automation web activity tracking.

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