Project Participating Opportunities

“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project, as planned a really BIG (better to say “MEGA”) PROJECT, consists of diversity of spin-off sub-projects which all need some supplemental ways to be accomplished with high efficacy. 

Money-Earning and Business-Making Project Participating Opportunities
Here is a proposition to all interested entities from all over the world to join “Money-Earning and Business-Making Project Participating Opportunities” Program designed for remote-control project-participating enrollment.

There are three general-release remote-control options concerning project-participating opportunities be taken on enrolling basis via email for -

(1)           Financial Participant,
(3)         Affiliated Freelancer Assistant (see description below).

Please stay tuned for more details on upcoming Project Participating Opportunities Program.

The focus of our money-earning and business-making project participating program is to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate evidence-based protocols and tools that ensure the provision of high-quality products and services within a scope of entire “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project at “work-in-progress” stage of developing its any-given spin-off sub-project. These evidence-based protocols and tools allow us to demonstrate fulfillment of requirements specific to our Project including selective spin-off sub-projects based on intensive planning and development of “Agile-Prop” frameworks for each spin-off sub-project design and management.
The Author-elaborated “Agile-Prop” Project Management and Development Methodology is well poised to transition to project implementation and accomplishment. With Agile-Prop Management objectives in mind, the Author has created a transparent mechanism and process to describe the design of a project; identify the opportunities for partners, collaborators and affiliated freelancers to participate in any-given project; allow potential investors (project financial participants) to indicate their interest in supporting one or more facets of project implementation; and facilitate contracting with qualified partners, freelancers and financial participants.
Upon identifying money-earning and business-making opportunities for initial project implementation, Agile-Prop Project Participating Management Concept addresses several core elements, including:
  • Organizational startup company’s managing background and purpose;
  • Money-Earning Project description;
  • Description of Partner-Proxy participation roles and responsibilities for business-making activities on behalf of the start-up company;
  • Required partner, collaborator and affiliated freelancer qualifications and criteria;
  • Response process and timeline including the receipt and review of submissions and benefit-gaining partnering selection;
  • Profit-sharing for future opportunities to participate;   
  • Company Representative and Attorney of the Company Contracting/POA (Power of Attorney) requirements.
You are welcome to respond to our “Project Participating Opportunities Program” as a way of “raising your hand” and identifying your interest in participating in the implementation of any-given “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” spin-off sub-project.

If you have any questions concerning the information presented below or you would like to make your propositions about cooperating and collaborating please, contact us.

(no need to arrange your own company in the country of your residence!)

Corporate Business-Partnering Proxy Positions:

1. “Authorized Representative"
2. “Agent of the Company”

Special “Affiliated Freelancer Assistant” Positions:

- The Project Representative Dealer;
- The Actress or Actor or Talent;
- The Certified Service Provider;
- The “Experimental Distant Researches Testing and Examination program” Volunteer;
- The Appraiser of the intellectual property assets;
- The Certified Tester of mobile application and computer program;
- Contact Office Administration;
- The Corporate IP-assets Market Adviser.

The appointment or assignment for some above-mentioned chosen positions may come with (i) granting of shareholding of the Startup Company and/or (ii) unregistered securities offerings subscription.

 Corporate Business-Partnering Proxy:
Becoming “Authorized Representative" or “Agent of the Company”

If you are open to new opportunities for making business worldwide you are welcome to be officially affiliated with the Start-up Company’s business making activities by being appointed in a capacity of either “Authorized Representative" or “Agent of the Company”.

Remarkable, there is no need for you to arrange a business entity in the country of residence, because you will be empowered with specific officially-recognized corporate documents issued for your name that allow you to-

(a) carry on any legal business activities;
(b) receive commissions and percentage interest payments by having the priority right to promote, distribute and to sell products and services which are either intended to be manufactured or provided according to the scope of any-given “work-in-progress” project;

(c) develop your own ideas and innovations based project under the “umbrella” of the start-up Company.

Thus instead of establishing a business company in the country of your residence you may become “a business entity” and act as “a business entity” by being–

(1)                  granted with all-inclusive rights to act and to carry on business on behalf of the Company and given rights to open and manage foreign investor accounts, security accounts and other bank accounts in any banks and/or security custody and/or depository services licensed companies in any part of the world.

(2)            given all powers and authorities granted according to corporate "Memorandum and Articles of Associations” and granted with corporate shareholding rights.

According to the «Memorandum and Articles of Associations" the start-up Company is legally allowed
to carry on the following business activities:

-to offer for public subscription any shares or stocks in the capital of or debentures or debenture stock or other securities of or otherwise to establish or promote or concur in establishing or promoting, any company, society anonym, association, undertaking or public or private body;

- to acquire and assume for any estate or interest and to take options over, construct, develop or exploit any property, real or personal or movable or immovable and rights of any kind and the whole or any part of the undertaking assets and liabilities of any person and to act and carry on business as a holding company;

- to apply for, purchase or by other means acquire and protect, prolong and renew any patents, patent rights, licenses, trademarks, protections and concessions or other rights which may appear likely to be advantageous or useful to the Company; 

- to amalgamate with or enter into partnership or any joint purpose of profit-sharing arrangement with or to cooperate in any way with, or assist or subsidize any company, firm or person carrying on or proposing to carry on, any business within the objects of the Company;

   -to constitute any trust with a view to the issue of preferred and deferred or any other special stocks or securities based on or representing any shares, stocks, or other assets specifically appropriated for the purposes of any such trusts, and to settle and regulate and, if though fit, to undertake and execute any such trusts and to issue, dispose or hold any such preferred, deferred or other special stocks or securities. 

  • Authorized Representative or Agent of the Company is welcome to be engaged in future-business-making activities of operating the DPP-Platform aiming at implementingDimanasus Extern Networkand integrating Sub-Platform-As-a-Service such as the following:
- “Projects Crowd-funding Interactive Platform”;
- "Projects Acting Community Platform";
- “Talents Audition for the Projects Acting Community Platform”;
- “Scenes Filming Self-Director” Platform;
- "Projects Developing Platform";
- "Projects Participants,Collaborators and Representatives Platform";
- “Film Making Platform”;
- “e-Book Virtual Emulated-Reality Platform”;
- “Virtual Emulated-Reality Animation Making Platform”;
- "Potential Customers/Audience Platform";
- "Multimedia Submissions Platform";
- “GIG Project Roles Finder Platform”;
- “User’s Project Arranging Platform”;
- “Virtual Emulated-Reality (VER) Platform”;
- "Distant Learning Training and Courses Platform";
- “DPP-Coins Discounter Platform”

Affiliated Freelancer Assistant business making proposition


Affiliated Freelancer Assistant is either private individual or entrepreneur, or a business entity who or that is interested in-

(1)           providing service be relevant to the scope of any-given spin-off sub-project,
(2)         being appointed or assigned for Corporate Committee Services  Affiliated-Freelancer Positions

If you are the individual, who has all necessary skills to perform duties at the professional level, you might be appointed or assigned for the position of-

(a)     Project Art Director,
(b)    Project Supervisor,
(c)     Project Production Manager,
(d)     Project Administrator.

Corporate Committee Services
Affiliated Freelancer Positions

Admin Support & Consulting: Consult on business strategy, operational strategy, and more.
Appointment setting: Set and manage appointments with vendors or clients.
Data entry specialist services: Analyze and compile data into spreadsheets or content management systems.
Personal/administrative assistant services: Manage inbox and scheduling, handle financial tasks, and more.
Customer Service: Support and online booking processing requests across multiple channels.
Service Team Lead Services: Manage and coach support agents, chat and email support agent services
Design & Creative: Create or edit videos for social media platforms. Produce social media content, marketing videos, and tutorial videos.
Create assets for marketing campaign: Create designs for landing pages, ads, emails, infographics, and other lead-gen assets. UI/UX design for website/web app. Audit, consult, or create responsive mock-ups or wireframes.
Legal: Corporate law advising services. Advise on general business and legal matters. Contract law advising services.Advise on contract negotiation, drafting, and review.
Intellectual property advising services: Advise on intellectual property laws and other related issues.
Mobile Development: Mobile app consulting. Provide best practices or a plan on how to build or improve an app.Android app development.Create an Android app or implement updates to existing app. iOS app development.Create an iOS app or implement updates to existing app.
Sales & Marketing: Marketing consulting. Advise, develop, or execute marketing strategies. Social media marketing. Create or manage social media marketing campaigns.
Lead generation for sales team: Find and create interest among ideal prospects.
Translation: Legal translation. Translate legal documents, videos, audio, and more. Translate technical documents, videos, audio, and more. Translate general documents, videos, audio, and more.
Web Development: Full stack developer. Develop new website/application or implement updates. Build web apps/sites. Build and ship app/site features. Develop landing pages for marketing campaigns. Create fully functioning sites from mock-ups and wireframes. Create landing page copy, emails, and ad copy. Contribute to brand voice.
Writing: Copywriter for marketing campaigns. Create white papers, manuals, training guides, or help articles.
Content marketing strategist: Create editorial calendars, style guides, taxonomies, metadata frameworks, or content migration plans.

freelance collaboration in providing professionals and experts services

In a capacity of “Affiliated-Freelancer Assistant” you are invited for collaboration in providing professionals and experts services in a capacity of:

-Animation Makers;
-Computer Graphic Makers;
-Computer graphic designers; 
-Computer programmers;
-Android,Apple iOS,BlackBerry mobile  applications programmers and developers and experts specialized in Objective C, Cocoa, iOS 4, 5, 6, Java, Google Android,WordPress, Joomla, WP Ecommerce, Magento, PHP5, PHP, MySQL, C#, C++, C, ActionScript 3.0, AIR, XML.

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