Coronavirus prediction prophecy

Allegorical Science of Stupid VS Metaphorical Science of Wisdom

Zombie coronavirus: celebrity wannabe pandemic
It’s highly recommended to watch both Rabies Zombie Humanization Celebrities" and "Times Up Zombie Humanization Celebrities" video-clips before reading the information below

The “coronavirus” pandemic should certainly bring new attention to “Rabies Zombie Humanization Celebrities" and "Times Up Zombie Humanization Celebrities" video-clips published on YouTube on May 9, 2018. 

In 2018 the Author did not disclose any information concerning his theoretical predictions due to the potential sensitivity of the "global public-interest matter” and possible conflict of interests. 
Even until now the majority of his so-called "prophetical theories" are treated as "a secret". Within the scope of present publication only the basics of "associative semantic symbolism" concept are revealed and a few selective prophetical theories are annotated. 

Nonetheless  it's likely almost not possible now to wrench COVID-19 forecasting out of the visualization context of Rabies Zombie Humanization Celebritiesvideo-clip that gives enough “hints and clues” for accurate understanding “the hidden messages” sent to the audience with "Cow hunting for the Chicken" personages’ role-playing  visualization.

Even though the Author does not claim that he has an ability to predict the future in prophecy with high accuracy, the nowadays question-point on the agenda is still the same, namely:

“Was it an evidence of accurately forecasting “coronavirus” in 2018?”

Dreams Inside Out: coronavirus decoding mystery

Allegorical and metaphorical representation of hypothetical “Rabies-Zombie-Humanization Virus” (RZ1H1) is a contextual clue-giving for decoding “a Cow hunting for the Chicken” personages’ role-playing associative appearance in  both video-clips.

Both video-clips have been designed with employing the Author-elaborated “Wisdomization by Visualization” concept that exploits “visually-associative semantic symbolism”, “linguistically associative semantic symbolism” and oxymoronic objects choreography and paradoxical oxymora antithesis visualization” demo-illustrative approaches to creating audiovisual content packed with symbolism, allegories and metaphors.

Stylizing in "Breaking News" reporting announcements allows considering “hypothetically predicted arguments” to feed into numerous Author-branded prophetical theories embedded in one big Theory-as-Prophecy titled "Dimanasus Prophecy". 

It’s up to every person, or better instead to say “Time’s Up for every person!”, to decide if indeed “coronavirus” pandemic was foreseen throughout visualized allegories, metaphors and symbolism embedded into these two simple-looking short-length videos.


“Dreams Inside Out” novelettes story, expanded into a video-screenplay adaptation for an animated cartoon parody, is not only to give hints to the most “stupidity-provoking” world-famous video games and cartoons, and personages of popular mobile apps, but more than anything else is to present newborn super-heroic characters featuring the whole story told in the form of pun-response “theoretical prophecy” visualization which is revolving around allegorically and metaphorically presented  protagonists which have already occupied mass-culture field and “the brains” of many people all over the world.

The main character of the Author as antagonist meaning “a hero of wisdom”  goes unbeaten through any troubles with “killing” his opponents with “reasonable common sense and logic grounded back-talk arguments”, and wittily solves the most complex cases while pretending himself as “a simpleton” and “a bad man”.

gif animation personage for cartoon The electronic cow identification, abbreviated as CowID, is allegorically depicted in “Dreams Inside Out” story to scoff at global “chip-implanting” pandemic paranoid hullabaloo visualized through the “Cow” character’s role-playing form of symbolism and acronyms.

The metaphorical representation of the character of “Castle-Museum” that itself may be transformed by “roof- moving” and “windows-saying” effects is dedicated to depicting a cattle-farm that is used for “placing in quarantine” all those wannabe-characters turned, as if by magic, into “zombies” with  a wizard-stick. All “zombified” wannabe-characters imitating “crown-like-wearing” celebrities are hosted “quarantined” as exhibits in a “Castle-Museum”.

The animation style, chosen both for the retro feel it gives the show and for the versatility and freedom, allows providing an environment in which it is possible to combine many different styles of computer animation.

Breaking News reporting announcement of COVID-19 pandemic prediciton

Decoding linguistically associative semantic symbolism:
Versus-translating English and Russian words written using Latin letters

English:            Russian:
 “Crown”   =    “Corona”
  “Cow”    =   “Corova"
 “Crow”    =   “Vorona”

One-letter replacement associative patterns:


 “Corona” - “Vorona”; 
                 “Corona” - “Corova”.                  


 “v” - “virus” (associated with “Cow” personage)
 “V” - Vaccine” (associated with “Cow” personage) and “Victory” (associated with “Crow” personage).

English:            Russian:
Victory”   =    “Victoria”

 “Victoria” - name for Influenza type “B”

Doubled letter “V” standing for Vaccine” and “Victory” may be symbolically turned into “W” as initial letter for the words “War” and “Warning”.


The day of video-clips publication is associated with the date of May 9th, 1945 that is considered “symbolic” at least for all those people, named in the past as “Soviet” and nowadays commonly called “Russian”, who till now celebrate the Victory Day, which is in Russian culture symbolizes the end of so-called “Great Fatherland War” (World War II).

Both capital letters “C” and “V”, used in opposition of English-Russian words “Corona - Vorona”, are considered some sort of their “ID” to help indentifying a concrete word standing behind it in context of selected scene in video-clips. If to add “ID” to the end of the letter “C” used in combination with the letter “V” the  semantic symbolism code contained in “Rabies Zombie Humanization Celebrities” and “Times Up Zombie Humanization Celebrities" video-clips may be decoded as “CoV.ID” in which  “o” stands for “opposite” and “ID” in addition stand for “subconciousness” and “Intelligence Department”.
The meaning of the word “corona” as “a ring of light around Moon/Sun in its total eclipse” is interpreted within allegorical and metaphorical contexture in Author-branded theoretical prophecies.

The following theoretical prophecies, compiled in one “Dimanasus Prophecy” theory-as-prophecy hypothesized with a usage of numerous metaphors, allegories and symbolism, are based on “Moon and “Sun” esoteric and astrological aspects in addition to a variety of science-based assumptions:  

1-“Moon Other Side Global Apocalypses Paranoia”;
2- “Sun-IONIZATION Monad Universe Synchronization”;

The integration of variety semantically derived theoretical prophecies in one theory-as-prophecy is defined as a term of “semantic networking-prophecy”, thus “Dimanasus Prophecy” is considered meaning the same term.

Explanatory annotation of “Rabies Zombie Humanization Celebrities” and “Times Up Zombie Humanization Celebrities" video-clips

Designed in very simple form of “animatics” or else “draft-videos”, “Rabies Zombie Humanization Celebrities” and “Times Up Zombie Humanization Celebrities" video-clips are digested shot-length visual representation or demo-illustration of "Crazy Cows" episode that is an essential part of Dreams Inside Out” animated cartoon video-screenplay.

The demo-illustration story-telling content of "Crazy Cows" episode depicts “zombie-looking” personages, which represent “wannabe-individuals” trying imitating so-called “crown-like-wearing” celebrities. Such demo-illustration is packed with coded associative semantic symbolism contexture that embeds all totem-associated personages such as for instance, “Cow”, “Chicken” and “Crow” in whole big story considered “theoretical prophecy”.

Stylized in the form of "Breaking News" reporting announcements, at the certain extent these video-clips might be considered “predicted arguments” feeding into the Author-branded theories as prophecies foreseeing some global-change events.
The Author gives his prophecies not only to urge the public and catch the public-interest attention to such prophecies interpreted as theories, but more than anything else to –

(1)            entertain the audience with the specific “wisdomization thru visualization” form of audiovisual content packed with symbolism, allegories and metaphors used to represent paired-off-personages;
(2)          introduce the audience into visual perception of “associative memory addressing patterns”

  • Known in a public domain as  “associative memory patterns”, the term of “associative memory addressing patterns” originally comes from “associative cognitive mnemonics addressing patterns”, a complex term coined by the Author to define a set of “cognitive mnemonic specimens” specific graphic-making techniques and methods. 
“Cognitive mnemonic specimens” presented in the form of illustrations are basically used in conceptualization of (1) cognitive-optical illusions and multi-stable perceptual phenomena, and (2) cognitive mnemonic oxymora and stratagem-stalking visualization method, which altogether are applied to Author-elaborated prophetical theory called “Dreams Inside Out”.

In “Dreams Inside Out” story, as a prophetical theory, both words “Corona” and “Crown” are used to make fun of paired-off personages, as protagonists and antagonists, named  “Crow” and “Cow”, “Donkey” and “Monkey”.
“Crow” and ”Cow” paired-off personages are allegorically presented in the form of caricatures and fake images of selective world-famous “crown-like-wearing” celebrities.
“Donkey” and “Monkey” personages, which are not appeared in published video-clips, metaphorically represent  paired-off wannabes, who are just mediocrities trying imitating some celebrities semantically associated with “Crow” and ”Cow”.  

By imitating “crown-like-wearing” celebrities  both “Donkey” and “Monkey” think they are “something very special” and behave like “a crown persons”, but suddenly took leave of their senses and start behaving like a “zombies” soon after they meet “Crow” in a “Castle-Museum” because “Crow” pays no any attention towards any of them and totally ignores their presence.

The object-as-character of “Castle-museum” is represented by image depicting an antique castle located in a small town, called “Mir”, that is in Belarus.  In Russian language “mir” has a few meanings such as “world”, “universe”, and “peace”. Normally the exhibits in a museum are placed into glass-made boxes or separate glass-covered places which may simply symbolically associated with “quarantine”; thus the exhibits in a museum are seemed like “quarantined”.  Many people, if asked to recall at least five basic associations with “an ancient castle”, list the word “a crown”.

The idea of celebrities associated and caricaturized characters, which are turned into “Rabies-infected zombie-like Monsters”, is dedicated to the evolution of the modern zombie archetype as a new version of it presented by the Author in his “Dreams Inside Out” story. 

The Author’s interpretation of “zombie” as a new version of the zombie archetype, inspired by, but distinct from modern depictions emerged in popular culture, has been proposed “throughout the prism of symbolism and allegories” in his “Dreams Inside Out” novelette. Any individual’s strange behavior considered “like-a-zombie” recognizes such individual identification of a wandering mentally ill person suffering from schizophrenic “panic attack”, brain-washed damage and cognitive discord as a temporal learning disability. In “Dreams Inside Out” novelette it is said that the magic-involving spell can be broken by putting “a crown” on the “brain-washed” head.  Of course, the rehabilitation of “zombie-like” brain-washed and cognitive dissonance-affected” person does not involve magic but instead it invokes science-based methods elaborated by the Author.

Listed below personages and objects-as-characters also play essential allegorical and metaphorical roles in “Rabies Zombie Humanization Celebrities” video-clip:

   -      “Zombie-celebrity”
   -      “Poke-Mon Alien”
   -      “Castle-museum”
   -      “Old Cannon”

In addition, the character of “The Author” is appeared as so-called “Fortune-Telling” Prophet.

The Author has elaborated on “Dreams Inside Out Analysis Method” for unlocking the mysteries that lay hidden in the world of the dreams and a way to interpret them correctly.
Illustratively representing “associative cognitive mnemonics addressing patterns”, the personages and characters are “decoded in details” in a screenplay adaptation to help explaining all Author-branded ideas behind the Dreams Inside Out” story.

As you gaze through the “Dreams Inside Out” theory interpretive portals of the characters and personages, you see what led them to their original feelings and intentions, and what drove them to make the decisions that led to their scenic actions or non-actions; thus your fuller understanding of characters and personages make-up is to be developed.

Decoding visually-associative semantic symbolism:
“Associative-Memory Addressing Patterns”
(aka “A-MAP”)

 According to the Author-branded concept, “Associative-Memory Addressing Patterns” is a notion that might be defined as:

 “common sense (alternatively “logic-based sense”) associative visualization of interpreted actions or non-actions giving rise to the next-level associations be phantomlike visualized ”.

The Author postulates that a bunch of phantomlike visualized next-level associations forming so-called “Associative Map” may help in determining a true-driven stimulus and motivation the individual is stimulated and/or driven by performing any given action or non-action.   

A-MAP Sample: “A cow hunting for the chicken

Within the allegorical visualization contexture of "a cow hunting for the chicken” the Author interprets the notion of "Rabies virus" causing inflammation of the brain in humans by turning it into “Rabies-Zombie-Humanization Virus, abbreviated  RZ1H1, causing terrible “Pandemonium Pandemic” or else “Pandemic Pandemonium” associated with a term of "Brainwashing" that was first used by Edward Hunter. In this connection needless to mention that the words "hunting" and "Hunter" are two directly correlated word-formative associations.

Reduced ability of thinking critically or independently makes "Brainwashed" people panicked and allowed introducing new “someone’s wanted” thoughts and ideas into their minds that changes their attitudes, values and beliefs in the way “someone” wants. The research into the "Brainwashing" concept looked at “Nazi Germany Brainwashing of the people of Belarus by the occupying Germans during the Second World War” and at the actions of human traffickers was newly revised in "Dimanasus Prophecy: THE DREAMS" story (the video-release has been publically presented in 2008) in conjunction with prompted international awareness of human sex trafficking and Project MKUltra secret research as an attempt to develop practical brainwashing techniques.

If to follow a common sense “a cow hunting for the chicken” (note: “for” may be replaced by out/up/down/away) is to be interpreted by associatively visualizing “a fox hunting for the chicken”.

Within video-clips scenes imaging contexture “a cow hunting for the chicken”, as allegorical and metaphorical representation of personages of “Cow” and “Chicken”, is considered “cognitive mnemonic specimen” that in broad public domain may be associatively correlating with –

1- Fox News;
2-Chicken Pox;
3- Rabies virus or Rabies lyssavirus, known as initially transmitted from the fox.

The more specific-knowledge based associative correlations might be, as an example, with FOXO (forkhead box O; genes determining human longevity phenomenon) and etc.
In Russian language “lyssa”, as a part of combination of words “Rabies lyssavirus”, be simply spelt as “lisa” if written using Latin letters,  means “FOX”. The word “Lisa” is used for associative indication to “Mona Lisa” that is an associatively derived personification of a principal object-as-character in “Dimanasus Prophecy” story-as-theory.


Selective object-as-a-character symbolical representation and associative interpretation


“Molly-Holly-Wood” is associatively derived from “holy-moly”, “Woo do”, “Voodoo”. In Russian language both words “wood” and “wooden” are commonly used as an allegory addressing the person who seems like “a fool”.

The term “Molly-Holly-Wood” is used in Author-branded “WANNABE VOODOO ICONIZATION”(“W.V.I.”) Theory that explains the “wannabe”- “iconized celebrity” paired-off  phenomena called “Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings” recognized as "magical emanation" or “Tulpa”, that is causing the iconized celebrity’ life to be temporarily or permanently changed for worse (in some cases possibly even leading to their death caused by some accident or undiagnosed/misdiagnosed disease).

 “Poke-Mon Alien” 

 “Mon” is a shortened form of words “Monster” and “Monad”; and included in “Poke-Mon Alien” personage’s name, which may be associated with “Pocket Monster”, gives the preliminary allegorical characteristic to such personage.
In conjunction with the prefixed word “Poke”, which is to be understood in almost all explanatory meanings in English language, the “Poke-Mon” characterizes the personage of “Alien” through its symbolical representation associated with the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


Annotation of selective Author-branded Theoretical Prophecies

“Sun-IONIZATION Monad Universe Synchronization”

This is the “sophistical cosmogony” theory-as-prophecy based on scientific and astrological approaches to (1) explaining universe and humans origins as “the common source of functional programs appearance” and (2) reconsidering, conceived by the Pythagoreans and adopted by Leibniz, new-version concept called “Monad Chain Operations Future-Modeling as a Prophecy”.

“Moon Other Side Global Apocalypses Paranoia”

This is the hypothesized theory dedicated to explaining the phenomena accordingly called  (1) “under-control chaos-seemed conspiracy” and (2) “apocalypses global paranoia”. The theory is basically explained with a usage of another embedded theory called “Moon Other Side” that is an aporetic (“aporia”)-metaphysic-theory of “aliens’ invasion conspiracy”.



“WVI” abbreviation is to be pronounced as “Double-You-Viay”. In West Slavic mythology (Belarusian and Ukrainian) “Viay” or “Viy” is named underworld personage that has a magic-working ability “to kill at a glance”.

Within the context of WVI-Theory the “wannabe” is defined as (1) a person who tries imitating other person or group of the persons who “simply seem great because they are famous but who are not famous because they are great”; and (2) a person who mixes a worship celebrity or celebrities with “hero” worship.

The WVI-Theory is dedicated to explaining the “wannabe vs. iconized celebrity” paired-off-phenomena, called “Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings” that at certain extent considered "magical emanation" or else “Tulpa”. Still considered “esoteric-based”, hypothetically such phenomena may cause a wannabe-imitated-celebrity having “mental affection” that is initially recognized as having “Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings Phenomena” symptom evinced as sudden experiencing of unusual never-seen-before frightening dreams or constantly repeated nightmares, or sleep-terror.

The WVI-Theory explains that the individuals may observe and accept hyper-real images as role-models, when the images don’t necessarily represent real physical people; and thus it can result in a desire to strive for an unobtainable ideal, or it may lead to a lack of unimpaired role-models.

The individually-designed anti-stress dream therapy program is based on utilizing the concept of brain-artifact phenomena called “mental-mimicry”. The term “mental-mimicry” may be defined in recognition of adaptive “mental-camouflaging” that leads to gaining imitated similarities with the “iconized” person in appearance and/or behavior.  The same “wannabe” may try imitating different persons to be “iconized” and in this particular case “mental-mimicry” is turned into “polymorphic-monad-mimicry”.
The WVI theory consists of a variety of  digested and overview issues such as “dream telepathy, clairvoyance, psycho kinesis, psychic self-healing, paranormal phenomena of exploring the hidden infrastructure of reality in the dreams, sleep research, recurring dreams of specific age groups, crisis markers in dreams, life purpose dreams, relationship themes, spiritual and psychic awakening, visitation dreams and nightmares, developing an intuition, the bio-energy therapy, self-healing hypnotherapy and psycho-spiritual trainings”.

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