Crowd-funding and Crowd-investing Alternative

Become a part of "Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project and Start benefiting from your becoming "Authorized Financial Participant"!

"Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project: Engaging in carrying on business on behalf of the Company

The main goal of crowd-funding and crowd-investing alternative as contributing in exchange of receiving gifts and taking project-participating opportunities, is not only to fill a gap in funding any given spin-off sub-project embedding "Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project, but to organize all contributors, be it individuals, organization or business entity, from all over the world in one global networking team of Authorized Financial Participants who may be interested in benefiting from –

  1. Holding and managing DPP-Coins crypto-assets account;
  2.  Receiving returns in unregistered securities offerings and shareholding of Start-up Company and/or partnered/affiliated business entities,
  3.  Gaining one-in-all 15% discount for services provided by VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS;
  4. Receiving returns in awarded DPP-Coin Promo-eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE be redeemed for acquisition of products and orchestrated services available at DPP-Platform and/or proposed and provided by VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS;
  5. Becoming an operator of "dba-website" serving for generating crypto-assets;
  6. Becoming affiliated and partnered digital company's representative.  

Each Contributor is welcomed to take the opportunity to –

(1)           be affiliated with Start-up Company's business activities and engaging in carrying on business on behalf of the Company;

(2)         be granted on free of charge basis with the shares of the Start-up Company and/or partnered/affiliated third party business entity with or without becoming a corporate Member;

(3)         START MAKING YOUR-OWN BUSINESS IN THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SECTOR with no need of arranging a company in the country of residence.

Dimanasus Prophecy project donating and contributing
DPP-Coin: CryptoBlockCell Technology

The "DPP-Coin Promo-eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE", or else “GIFT CERTIFICATE” Promo-eCheck as a specimen, is a cryptographic digital asset be redeemed according to corporate-branded “Rewards and Perks Treatment Program” (DONATING & GIFT-EXCHANGING CORPORATE “EXTRAS & BONUSES” PACKAGES).
Please, do not pay too much attention to the simple design of “GIFT CERTIFICATE” Promo-eCheck image that is designed for public-awareness illustrative purposes only to help visualizing how it may look like after decoding  of cryptographically embedded code.
Each “GIFT CERTIFICATE” Promo-eCheck assigned to you in appreciation of your sending a donation might be used as your Digital ID Signature in respect of (1) your secure communicating with all project-developing dedicated parties and (2) verifying your status of authorized holder. 

The detailed description of DONATING and GIFT-EXCHANGING CORPORATE “EXTRAS/BONUSES” PACKAGES is available upon request made via email messaging.

Reward Perk-Incentives Treatment Program in blockchain technology
Crypto-Block-Cell Technology

By combining operational functions of funding portal and multimedia content hosting and streaming interactive web-resource, DPP-PLATFORM will deploy a diversity of applications (Application-As-A-Service) to satisfy the personal and business needs of each “Premium User” who may -

(1) participate in Securities-Offering, Shareholding and Money-earning Programs and benefit from such,
(2) start business-making worldwide-operating activities without the need of establishing a company,
(3)  advertise in promoting prospective target audience and customers,
(4) interact and engage with multi-media digital-assets-based project-developing collaborators and partners,
(5) complete and monetize any-given project more efficiently,
(6) extend reach and create new project-engagement revenue opportunities.


1.      You contact us via e-mail to indicate your interest in contributing to the "Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project by sending a donation in exchange of being awarded with the Promo-eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE.

     Please, copy the text of "Letter of Intent" and paste it in your e-mail message.

Letter of Intent
“Dimanasus Prophecy”/ “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project
(the Project) be submitted as
“Rewards and Perks Treatment Program”
(the Program) Participation Proposal of acquiring
(the Packages)

I confirm on behalf of my interest in the above- mentioned Project.

This “Letter of Intent” sent from my e-mail address is considered as (1) my consent to participate in above-mentioned Program and (2) my intention to contribute to the Project by sending the donation of the amount of ________________ in exchange of DPP-Coin Promo-eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE (certificate).
I believe that my submitted participation in the Program is in line with my personal goals and is consistent with my project engagement strategy concerning carrying on business on behalf of the Start-up Company and/or partnered or affiliated third party entity.
I confirm my interest in becoming registered “Premium User” of DPP-Platform and acquiring DPP-Coin Crypto-Assets (tokens).
I therefore fully support all Project implementation initiatives dedicated to developing any-complex embedded spin-off sub-projects; and I reserve my right to define which spin-off sub-project I am intended to be engaged in and/or affiliated with.

By confirming my awareness of general information concerning “DPP-Coin Promo-eCheck Gift Certificate” I would like -

(1) to  be kept informed about the progress of the Project;
(2)   to have a web-based account to manage certificate(s) awarded.  

I understand this document has not a legally binding character; and, if necessary, I agree to sign any given binding document(s) either in electronic or paper medium printed form(s) if needed to assure my rights, guaranties and obligations.

Date: ___________

Note: You also may use a Contact Form at the right-side panel of this web-site to send us the copied text of "Letter of Intent".

2.    After your approving of “Letter of Intent” by sending it back to us via e-mail that confirms your consent with its conditions, you are welcome to send donation via the way you prefer (see below). 

3. After verifying of your donation received, we will send you the original  “GIFT CERTIFICATE” Promo-eCheck that contains a Crypto-code Routing Number linked to “Clever Agreement” stating your ownership rights and the conditions concerning “GIFT CERTIFICATE” Promo-eCheck redemption. 


donate via bitcoin

Dimanasus Extern Network
The donations sent with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, or Stellar may be exchanged for (1) DPP-Coins GIFT CERTIFICATE,  (2) Promo-eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE (“GIFT CERTIFICATE” promo-eCheck) to obtain predefined returns presupposed by participating in GEM-Program.

In addition you also gain a preliminary right to 

(1) participate in Securities-Offering, Shareholding and Money-earning Programs and benefit from such,

(2) start business-making worldwide-operating activities without the need of establishing a company,

(3)  advertise in promoting affiliated and partnered digital-assets based projects,

(5) organize, complete and monetize your own project,

(6) extend reach and create new project-engagement revenue opportunities.


BCHBitcoin Cash):

BTC (Bitcoin): 

ETH (Ether): 

Stellar XML:

For security reasons, you are welcome to contact us to verify any above-listed “Address”.Please note, that cryptocurrency donations have not yet been integrated with DPP-Coins (DPPC) Crypto-assets system be implemented at DPP-Platform, so the link for tracking our progress may not reflect any bitcoin donations at this time. 


Please, feel free to contact the Author to send you  free PDF-brochure 

Brief Annotation (Introduction):

5.     GETTING INVOLVED INTO PROFIT-SHARING CORPORATE CROWD-INVESTING (receiving dividends and co-royalty/co-licensing interest)

 Anti-Scam and Anti-Fraud Policy

"Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project: CORPORATE CROWD-INVESTING

Securities-Offering Project Participating Opportunities:



Regulation Crowdfunding,Title III of the Business Startups Act of 2012, JOBS Act, amended Section 4 of the Securities Act, creates a new exemption from registration for Internet-based securities offerings intending to help  startup company conduct  capital raising on the Internet and allows allows general solicitation and general advertising.  

A Capital Fundraising and Crowd-Investing Campaign addressing seeking for additional funding for “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project (selective spin-off sub-projects) accomplishment in the United States is designed for Market Unregistered Securities Offerings in conformity with U.S. SEC Regulation Crowdfunding (effective May 16, 2016) that enables eligible startup company to offer and sell securities through crowdfunding by following the rules such as:

1)     Requiring all transactions to take place online through a funding portal (e.g. DPP-Platform),
2)   Permitting raising a maximum aggregate amount of $1,070,000 in a 12-month period,
3)   Limiting the amount individual investors investing in a 12-month period and disclosing information in filings and to investors and the intermediary facilitating the offering,
4)   Allowing Securities purchased in a crowdfunding transaction be resold for one year without "bad actor" disqualification provisions.

The startup company issuing Unregistered Securities Offerings (shares) for distribution outside of United States is intended to be authorized as "Representative” under the conditions of relevant agreement stating the conditions of representing any-selected spin-off sub-project project within the territory of the state of operating jurisdiction under DBA (Doing Business As) name, if applicable.

 “V.D.A.Productions/V.D.A.Productions Global brand- and dba names are to be used for branding crowd-funding profiles and donations-receiving campaigns arranged on behalf of the Project at the third-party-administered funding portals and secure credit card payment accepting platforms.

An unlisted public start-up company is a public company that is not listed on any stock exchange; however, after achieving its goals in any-given spin-off sub-projects the company, aimed at manufacturing products and providing services, may be encompassing to be listed at some stock exchange by meeting its listing requirements. Though the criteria vary somewhat between jurisdictions, a public start-up company, registered as such, will raise its share capital by maximizing a number of shareholders. Unlisted public companies are more likely to engage in profit-maximizing behavior as their share capital structure makes it very easy to give their members financial returns. Nevertheless, a public start-up company may choose not to be listed on a stock exchange for a number of reasons, including because it will not be seeking for more public investors.