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Dimana$U$ Prophecy Project: Global Trusted-UsersContent Delivery Network
DPP-Platfrom is to be a core of Global Trusted-Users Content Delivery Network, called “Dimana$U$ExternNet”.

We are building a multimedia content streaming web-platform called DPP-Platfrom (abbreviated as “DPPP” to be pronounced as “DeeP-PeeP”) to be launched at “dimanasusprophecy.com” web-recourse to serve a powerful way for increasing any multimedia project’s visibility and promoting  featuring products and online services by delivering link for automatic publishing and accessing for viewership particularly via mobile applications.

DPP-Platfrom is basically designed for:

- multimedia-streaming for audiovisual project;
- prompting the multimedia project targeting audience;
-arranging multimedia-content online festivals;
- proposing Web-Audition Services and Solutions;
-assisting with multimedia content commercialization and monetization.

DPP-Platfrom is designed not only to help you with advertising in prompting your multimedia project targeting audience and to interact and engage with your multi-media assets based project’s collaborators and  prospective customers but also to assist you with completing your IP-based projects more efficiently by extending your reach and creating new revenue opportunities.

DPP-Platfrom basic-functionality options are addressing to managing, publishing and distributing demonstrative multimedia content relevant to the scope of your project that aims at attracting investors and crowd-funding participants by diversity of means such as in particular, but not limited, the formation  of databases of prospective customers and audience. 

DPP-Platfrom basic-functionality features will include: 

(1) automatically publishing your project content to pre-determined web pages at different time, 

(2) enabling you to monetize your media assets through pay-per-view and subscription business models for live video, on-demand video and downloading, 

(3) uploading videos and converting them to a number of other formats as needed,

(4) managing any size digital-rich media assets for being located, retrieved, edited, shared and distributed, 

(5) processing meta-tagging for instantly searchable multimedia content, 

(6) hosting  application, 

(7) aggregating e-Commerce ownership content and creating multimedia commerce portals,

 (8) enabling glasses-free 3D embedded code (3D Player) and offers the convenient and powerful way to deliver 3D videos in both Flash and parallax-motion Java-plug-in enabled HTML5 web-pages.

DPP-Platfrom is to be designed for online browsing with VDA Browser allowing off-line browsing plug-in accessing from the end-user’s virtual home-based server.

DPP-Platfrom is the key to long distance collaboration with remote talent and creative services, whatever your project focuses on at every working-in-progress stages (full in-house video production and editing, post production or distribution).

DPP-Platfrom social media network
This pretty simple animated Figure illustrates just five key-applications operating at “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” sub-platforms-unified web-resourcethat is integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS); however, as planned, much more applications are intended to be operated giving amazing opportunities for end-users’ entertainment and practical employment in self-healing, self-awareness and self-knowledge development.

By building DPP-Platfrom we are focusing on arranging online-entertaining multimedia content festivals (Film, Video, TV-series , Music, etc.) and  streaming each competitor’s audiovisual data content for “business-to-business” B2B-communications and “person-to-person” P2P-collaborations.

By organizing “curious- 2-know” TV and Radio channels and RSS news blogging we aim at enabling DPP-Platform to allow promoting users’ multimedia project with a high efficiency.

Blockchain derived-type technology to structure the integration of sub-platforms  

Dimana$U$ Prophecy project: DPP-Coins Discounter System

DPP-Platform employs a quasi-blockchain technology called “CryptoBlockCell-Tech” that is based on employing the basics of blockchain technology together with an approach of using a consensus to 3-parties-involved contracting and crypto-graphically signing “Clever Agreement” in combination with expanding supply of “DPP-Coins Discounter System” and “DPP-Coins Fluctuations Bond Acquire-Currency System” which form “DPP-System”.

DPP-System (or “DPP-SYS”) integrated into DPP-Platform, employs innovative “know-how” technologies and “trade-secret” concepts which all together allow system-functioning with no requirements for having an expensive IT-equipment and paying for huge-electricity-flow bills that is a “Holy Grail” of “standard” crypto-currency blockchain technology.

Based on its fundamental operating principles, which are allowing not only tokens-trading for less than $1 when contracted by coin-holding for bonds but also securing crypto-currency stock by signing “Clever Agreement”, the adoption of DPP-Coins will be a catalyst to the new decentralized internet-based  crypto-currency mainstream system to be implemented at  DPP-Platform  that releases DPP-Coins blockchain tokens for providing valuable services addressing financing any-complex projects by means of organizing  crowd-funding and crowd-investing, and direct-financing campaigns enabling intellectual property assets trading.

The implementation of big-data-structured DPP-Platform is based on creating a private Waves blockchain network . The employment of Waves-blockchain-package allows DPP-Platform implementation to integrate as many nodes for each given-project assisted with multi-custom user-oriented features and wallet-based services as desired. 

The custom functionality might be enhanced or limited by enabling or disabling some user-oriented features in DPP-Platform blockchain-based system. The features that are to be activated by many nodes at the same time allow the node owners update their nodes in right time so the unintentional participation in prevented. Thus the features that come with new versions of node’s software might be applied with a suitable pace or/and not be applied (some of them) at all diverging the network in two parts, namely nodes that implement these features and nodes that do not. Normally the state of each feature is to be stored on the blockchain and thus each Miner’s “yes or no” voting is needed. 

In DPP-Platform blockchain-operated system each “Super Miner” is to be associated with a concrete user-given project and each “Small Miner” is to assigned as “Project Tokens Supervisor” who might be convinced by “Super Miner” to support the certain feature "SUPPORTED","APPROVED" and "ACTIVATED" by API-based supporting method. 

Each “Super Miner” is eligible to provide services and solutions relevant to any user-given project. One of such services is called Web-Audition Services and Solutions; and thus, in this particular case, the “Super Miner” is to be assigned as WASS-Provider.

Intra-System Cryptographic Assets 

Gift Certificate: Crypto-assets e-check

As soon as DPP-Platform starts operating online each Holder of  "eCheck Gift Certificate" or "DPP-Coins eCheck" may request it for any kind of possible redemption after initiating email-2-email “Requesting Authorization”.  

To redeem any given eCheck the Recipient or the Bearer will be proposed to validate registration for FREE Premium User’s account and then asked to download the image-formatted file of the DPP-Coins eCheck containing the crypto-code routing number which is the User’s login associated with the Payoneer®Global Payment Service empowered-account.

DPP-Coins Discounter System

  • After authorization is complete, the inputting of the payment information by downloading the image-formatted file into the online payment processing software initiates the transaction process resulting in arranging your DPP-Coins Discounter System account and providing you with recurring payment information and details of the recurring disbursement and electronic benefits payroll schedule that serves best for you.

“dimanasusprophecy.com” web-recourse is under the “MEGA” reconstruction

The  “dimanasusprophecy” web-recourse is under the “MEGA” reconstruction and the DPP-Platfrom is not accessible online yet because we need additional funds to be collected for accomplishing our project.

You will be kept well-informed about the progress in accomplishing our project. As soon as DPP-Platfrom starts fully-operating hosted in the Internet you will be invited to join it as a free “Premium User” gaining lots of privileges, such as in particular, but not limited, to launch and enhance your project with 3D-glasses-free JavaPlugs, HTML5- enabled parallax motion web-site building and getting Regional Virtual Offices project-room. 

You are welcome to CONTACT US asking any question you may have in your mind after reading this information. 
Besides answering your questions, you, if desired, would be given necessary recommendations on a solution that best fits your project’s needs. 

You are more than welcome to send us your propositions and ideas concerning the improvement-making for DPP-Platfrom to be more attractive and entertaining for prospective users.