Crypto-Block-Cell Technology


CryptoBlockCell Technology


Crowd-funding and crowd-investing in blockchain-principles-based ecosystem
Crowd-funding and crowd-investing campaigns


Crowd-funding and crowd-investing in blockchain-principles-based ecosystem exploiting CryptoBlockCell Technology is the newest “proof-of-concept” way of raising funds to be adopted for "Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project in order to demonstrate its merit and high efficacy.

This modern-day concept is utilized and adopted as a mixture “step-by-step”donations-based, rewards-based and equity-based “Reward and Perk-Incentives Treatment Program” which allows anyone, who sends a donation, to be awarded with Appreciation-Awarding “GIFT CERTIFICATE”  and/or DPP-Coins eCheck, equaled to a certain amount in U.S. dollars, which may be further exchanged, against initial contribution-as-donation properly “fulfilled and taken care of”, for –

(1)          selective author-branded products or services developed and proposed within the scope of any-given spin-off sub-project,
(2)                       a diversity of certain benefit-gaining rewards,
(3)                       profit-sharing unregistered securities offerings and start-up Company’s membership-based shareholding.

 start-up Company’s membership-based shareholding

CryptoBlockCell Technology that employ blockchain technology principles is secure and is perfectly capable of managing transactions under the terms of so-called“Clever Agreement” that has some analogy with “Smart Contracts” but it is not written in a specific programming language and instead, is presented in cryptographic form of DPP-Coins eCheck that automatically executed by “DPP-Coins Discounter System” and “DPP-Coins Fluctuations Bond Acquire-Currency System”to issue certain rewards and/or certain percentage of equity based on the amount donated or invested in the crowd-funding and crowd-investing campaign to be trusted.

The cryptographic feature of DPP-Coins eCheck  is very convenient when it comes to managing rewards based and equity-based crowd-funding and crowd-investing campaigns aiming at exchanging such eCheck, initially received by the contributor (donation-sender) as a GIFT, for a crypto-currency of DPP-Coins which DO NOT REQUIRE pre-mining of crypto-tokens to be sold by DPP-Platform which is under development, in further exchange for “real money” (electronic funds) or some other well-established digital currency.

The raised funds are to be used for further development of the DPP-Platform via DPP-Coins Discounter System emitting crypto- tokens such as PEG-Token and COIL-Token both received-as-a-gift by each contributor (donation-sender).

crowd-funding and crowd-investing campaigns for exchanging eCheck

Besides of its optimal traits such as scalability, privacy and decentralization, the DPP-Coins crypto-currency allows beneficially featuring-

(a) CryptoBlockCell-Tech simplicity along with elegance of PEG-concept;

(b)  easy COIL-integration points for partnering;

(c)  an ability for exchanging and trading (just like exactly dealing with “shares”).


“DPP-Coins” is a quasi-stable and market-value-backed two-tokens-based crypto-currency intended for both external and internal exchange in DPP-System which structure provides-

(a)  stability by backing itself with system-internal-usage token, called PEG-token;

(b)  crypto-currency market-value fluctuation with system-external-usage token, called COIL-token.

Payoneer integration with DPP-Coins Discounter System emitting crypto- tokens

The quasi-stability of DPP-Coins allows not only short-term stability that is important for day-2-day transactions but also a long-term holding and future-trading to benefit from such.

The PEG-token is to maintain the stability of the crypto-currency usage for everyday transactions. The COIL-token is to allow future-trading transactions and crypto-assets operations; and thus potentially it is possible to see it tremendously in-percentage-increased (or decreased) on any given day. Such quasi-stability gives the unique opportunity for IP-assets holders to gain a really good profit conditioned on successful accomplishing of any given IP-assets-based project.
A fee for each future-trading transaction completed goes back to the DPP-System and then distributed back to the DPP-Coins holders who are rewarded for maintaining the system that backs itself.

The “market-value-backed” feature of DPP-Coins is based on implementation and employment of both “Discounter System” and “Intellectual Property Registry” decentralized autonomous organization that is a primary category that best represents VDA PRODUCTION core-service. 

DPP-Coins initial release-conversion rate equals $1 USD.


If you are interested in gaining FREE “Premium User Subscription” for consuming selective future-distributed products with a usage of attendant/orchestrated services available with great discounts (in special cases even free of charge) please, send us an e-mail message indicating your particular interest in becoming the user of DPP-platform and consuming any-chosen product and service mentioned herein.

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