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There are as many different opinions as there are people in this world: Author-branded Converging Opinions to get “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project into shape!

The short-length video-teasers presented in the form of Animatics or draft-videos are published to boost “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” project developing business and to help Author-created brands to communicate with collaborators, participants and prospective audiences in order to explain complicated ideas of Author-branded services and products with ease and fun.

Throughout publishing YouTube channel media content with educational and promotional purposes we present original ideas, scripts and storyboards created by the Author to demonstrate the elementary principles of visualization style and techniques described-in-annotation at  the Author’s Blogging Website.

Rewarding Perk-Incentives Treatment Program

Forming the basis of each spin-off sub-project, subject to direct -financing and crowd-funding campaigns launched on behalf of US-based Representative according to “Rewarding Perk-Incentives Treatment Program”, some selective videos are aimed to-
(a)             popularize Author-elaborated theories and conceptualizations,
(b)            introduce Author-developed audiovisual stimulation therapies, practices and training based programs.


If you –
(1)           can create modern 2D and 3D Animatics or professionally-made animation based on any of our draft-video-clips, as a sample, and you are skilled enough to re-make it with a usage of modern art programs and applying sophisticated animation-making techniques and amazing visual effects;
(2)                       are professional illustrator who can create nice background images and/or proto-type personages for our “Photomatics

you are welcome to join our benefit-gaining and profit-sharing “Project Participation Opportunity” Program by submitting your creations.

Please, note that your submitted Animatics, as professional-looking animation, must be more animated and more complex to look very close to the finished ad.

Easy-To-Do Enrollment into Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project:

Start with “investing” your time in your "future-earning" by gaining DPP-Coins e-check GIFT Certificate Awarding in exchange of your doing-simple-job considered “Free & Good Will” contribution to our Project!

STEP 1: Go to our YouTube channel
STEP 2: Watch any video clips published
STEP 3: Leave your comment and/or give us your "Like" or “Dislike”
STEP 4: Send us your Critic and Review concerning any video you like or not!

Your positive critic and review essay will be published at our website and, if you like, might be   hyperlinked to your website or social network profile, or commonly any web-resource you wish it to be redirected.

 Your feedback is important to us!

Any smart individual form all over the world is more than welcome to send a reason-given critique, point-of-view comments and amelioration-suggestions concerning media content published at our YouTube channel and this website as well.

Funny story-telling in GIF animation art works


Whilst planning our audiovisual production we create something called an Animatic that allow pre-visualizing author-branded ideas and concepts forming the basis of either a film with animated-cartoon episodes or animation, or a complex live action sequence of virtual emulated-reality graphics. By publishing such Animatics at our YouTube channel, we aim at providing our collaborators with an opportunity to edit it together well and to let us know if a sequence, or episode, may be  as successful and entertaining as the Author hoped.
Used to be intentionally simple, our Animatic is a rough draft-video-clip consisting of simple storyboard visualization and storyboarded panels, which are sketchily-drawn animated and still images timed out with a temporary soundtrack (voices, music and some sound effects) created by the Author.
The majority of Animatics are considered “Mood Video-Teasers” accompanied with the author-composed original music and are not trying either to attempt to explain the narrative of the intended end script or to give the viewers a feel for how the end audiovisual product will look.  
Some Animatics are considered “Photomatics” which are draft-video-clips made from digitally manipulated photos, faked images and caricatures of celebrities posed and placed on to photographic or drawn backgrounds.

By creating these draft-video-clips published at our YouTube we aim to-

-allow talents, amateur actors/actresses, filmmakers, animators and illustrators to get enrolled into our benefit-gaining and profit-sharing “Project Participation Opportunity” Program;
- check how a certain Animatic works, and who and how many people like to see it;
- refine quickly and effectively the most entertaining structure and content before the commencement of the animation or film episode itself;
- give our crowd-funding and crowd-investing based project participants an idea as to how our audiovisual products will work, how it will be paced and how it will communicate author-branded messages;
- give any interested people an opportunity to feedback and suggest changes through their commenting and contacting us;
- allow us to communicate, experiment and refine and give us something to show our project participants the rough idea of what our audiovisual products are going to look and sound like;
- make sure the author-branded ideas woven with ameliorations suggested are working just fine and to be used to work out any problems that might come up when filming the real ad.

YouTube channel: "Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project GIF animations video screenshots

All media content, including Author-branded intellectual property presented in the form of audiovisual products, has been published at our YouTube channel with project-promoting demonstrative purpose and is to be acknowledged as copyright protected by international laws and regulations. Any unauthorized duplication and commercial usage and distribution of any part of our YouTube channel without the Author’s knowledge and written permission given may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Our YouTube content is not intended to be professional quality. Some videos have been made with a usage of digitally manipulated caricatures, fake pictures, images and other graphics of easy-recognizable world-famous people (e.g. celebrity); however there was never the Author’s intention to be disrespectful or offensive in any way towards any of them. The story, names, characters and incidents portrayed in Author-branded media are fictitious and no identification with actual persons, places buildings and products is intended or inferred. Some videos contain animated fake images and caricatures depicting easy-recognizable world-famous people posing or acting partially nude in non-explicit but seemingly sexual scenes; however there was never the Author’s intention to be disrespectful or offensive in any way towards any of such persons depicted in the videos in which their appearance were never posing nude and acting in sexual scenes. Selective videos present selective synopsis-screenplay passages narrated in Russian/English language by former candidates and project participants.

Some graphic materials have been copied from various Internet sources with no copyright notice found and/or kindly presented to the Author by his collaborators. The storyboard-videos presented in the form of collages and pictorial compositions have been created by the Author. Some media files, used for creating videos, have been available under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike license (CC-BY-SA-NC) permitting free usage of them, modifying, sharing and attributing to the originator of the file (e.g. Strange Company representing “Blood Spell” Episodes videos authorized for Creative Commons distribution, sharing and remixing, present mindfulness gaming applications subject to “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” spin-off sub-projects).  All media contents have been used under the Fair Copyright Law(s), in particular 107/ provisions of sections 106 and 106A/ 17 U.S. Code В§ 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights/Fair use), and belong to their respective owners; no copyright infringement intended.

 YouTube Content Policy: "Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project  educative annotation


1.     Underground Big Bang Theoryvideo reflects Author-elaborated theory of “End of Time & Light Cap of Darkness Prophecy”  that was inspired from the Biblical research of famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton and was revised for better understanding the book of Daniel (“Revelation”)  and “Necro Omicon” (John Harvard’s library ancient manuscript) aiming to explain the Author’s theory of “Big Bang Never Happened”  theory that includes the digesting of Herbert Wells’ crystal egg “Invisible becomes visible and visible becomes invisible” prophecies (“World War I”, Russian October Revolution “The Dreamer from Kremlin”).

Annotative synopsis:

“One young man who was doing “really bad things” but who did know that he has been “watched” by two Interpol undercover-agents who, in their turn, had no idea about that all the time they have been “watched” too...The “paradoxical oxymoron intrigue” of this story was that a young man and two Interpol agents became roommates by very weird coincidence. The young man had a younger sister whom he adored a lot and who has been living in a small town. One day she came to the big city to visit her brother who had his birthday-anniversary party arranged but something terrible happened...”

2.   Anderson Wedding Fairytale video reflects Author-elaborated theory of “Act or NOT to Act Chain-Prophecy” based on the interpretation of action-modeling prophecy hypothesized as “How the universe reacts to our actions or non-actions” with the antithesis of “How it affects the lives of the people whom we know or might not know and will never know”.

3.   Gold Love Storyvideo reflects Author-elaborated theory of “Self-presence-justification-religious-prophecy” that is the Author’s antinomian theory interpreted as a personal religion prophecy based on advanced knowledge of the transformative role of consciousness and  sub-consciousness.

4.   Town Girl Psychologyvideo reflects Author-elaborated theory of “From Dust to Dust Personalized Prophecy” based on the Author’s antinomian theory interpreted as a “personalized prophecy” which is partially dedicated to aspects of pre-recognition, retro-cognition and testing “What are we afraid of and what and who are we running from” hypothesis and “Why we are afraid of and why we are running from” antithesis.