Immersive Interactive 3D Home-Cinema Entertainment

3D Low-Cost Home-Cinema Entertainment for Dimanasus Prophecy Project

The Philosophy behind Virtual Emulated-Reality (VER) Animation

Virtual Emulated-Reality is to reshape 3D-immersive and gaming-styled interactive computer animation for a home-cinema entertainment and to allow not only enjoying the multimedia content but also gaining “self-healing” and “self-care” benefits which are conditioned on the usage of VerQAG-device (not available at the market now) that employs “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” phenomenon.

AudioVisual Synergy-Synesthesia Virtual reality:“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project

This is predicated on the idea that home-cinema viewer is limited in movement by sitting on a comfortable armchair or sofa. A sitting viewer can move his or her head to one side or the other, vertically and horizontally, at approximately no more than 180-degrees. Such flat, or semi-spherical, 180-degree panorama-viewing space is enough to enjoy virtual emulated-reality environment (VER-Environment) in order to achieve so called “self-healing through self-entertaining” pre-conditioned goals.

At first sight all this may look like a lot of hype and "seemingly nonsense" substance if to pay attention to the employment of anaglyph graphic (better to say “quasi-anaglyph”), considered as outdated, but specifically designed to be observed with the usage of VerQAG-device equipped with color-pair filters which may be determined by color-blind or stereo-blind spectators.

VerQAG-device with color-pair filters for “Dimanasus Prophecy” Project
It’s postulated that the usage of VerQAG-device with color-pair filters may compensate for color-blindness and depth-perception loss and can be tailored to an individual’s visual impairments so viewers may enjoy created hologram-like imagery that adjusts itself to the subject’s eye conditions. The user types in their eye prescription and the system adjusts the apparent 3D-depth of the image to bring it into focus. The algorithm can even take into account more serious eye problems by splitting the image into segments and placing the segments at focal depths that avoid the damaged part of the eye.

AudioVisual Synergy-Synesthesia Charactery Stimulation:“Dimanasus Prophecy” Project

The usage of VerQAG-device with color-pair filters presupposes the arousal of both “Anaglyph-Sync” and “Uni-Sync” vision-perception effects; however, VerQAG-device equipped with standard lenses only and used without color-pair filters may condition “Uni-Sync” vision-perception effect to cause “AudioVisual Synergy-Synesthesia Charactery Stimulation”.

Brainwaves entertainment  EEG examination for “Dimanasus Prophecy” Project

AudioVisual Synergy-Synesthesia Charactery Stimulation is a core of “AudioVisual Synergy-Synesthesia-Synchronization Compositing Frequency-based Neuro-Therapy” (“AV3SynC-Neuro-Therapy”) that, to a certain extent, results in experiencing of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR).

AV3SynC-Neuro-Therapy is a training-based program consisting in practicing of task-performing and self-entertaining audiovisual-stimuli-conditioned eyes exercises with a usage of VerQAG-device.

The final releases of the Author-branded audiovisual products in the form of animated cartoon (aka VER-animation) are designed to be screened at online “VERA-CITy” sub-platform integrated into DPP-Platform that in addition allows demonstrating the immersive content process, from pre-production to post-production.

Obviously, reaching the right audience requires teaching prospective audience how to watch VER-animation, so in this connection the Author organize online events, webinars and training-based programs.

Depending on the scale of crowd-funding and crowd-investing, and/or direct-financing campaigns all Author-branded audiovisual products in the form of VER-animation may be released in “LITE” or “PRO” versions which are designed for engaging immersive and interactive experience at different levels and which are conditioned on the following:

(1)  Using VerQAG-device with color-pair filters;
(2)Using VerQAG-device equipped with standard lenses only.

The “LITE” and “PRO” version features are generally distinguishable depending on -

(1) using either stereoscopic or monoscopic 360-degree professional video-cameras,
(2) employing outside programs and mobile applications deployed at DPP-Platform sub-platforms to work in combination with selective audiovisual product,
(3) end-of-chain post-working with applying specialized audio (SFX) and computerized glasses-free 3D visual effects (VFX) for new-level immersion.

The “LITE-version” pilot-released audiovisual products are aimed at (i) demonstrating the merit of investing in “PRO-version” or otherwise, as an alternative, the merit of the IP LICENSING and FRANCHISING that might be accompanied with acquisition of author-branded IP-assets portfolio, and  (ii) helping to define the "ideal audience" and best to reach prospective customers with PRO-version release.

The usage of monoscopic cameras (or mobile gadgets equipped with 360-degree cameras) with two different 180-degree lenses to create selective audiovisual product in its “LITE-version” is fairly enough even though it allows capturing a full 360-degree immersive video image. The mobile 360-degree cameras are certainly cheaper and all-around-panoramic environment is to be created with “stitching” when two or more images are joined together to create a complete 360-degree view.

As planned, all Author-branded
audiovisual products are to be accompanied with

(a) specifically-stylized piano-played musical compositions in their original and digitally-arranged forms to cause spectator’s’ cognitive mnemonic perception with harmonious associative effect;

(b) specifically-stylized guitar-played musical themes sounding seemingly differently but associatively-similar and causing spectators’ cognitive on-the-same-string audiovisual perception effect.

The selective guitar and played musical compositions created by the Author are used as the Author-branded music-promo-sampling to accompany Animatic draft-videos hosted at “Dimanasus Prophecy” YouTube channel. 

And it’s all worth it with the Author-branded Good Stories!


"Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project: interactive virtual reality

"Dimanasus Prophecy"  Project: Virtual Reality Alternative Technology