Docuficiton reportage


The GET-INSIDE UNDERLYING CONCEPT (aka GIN-Concept) is a scene-making glasses-free 3D visualization concept that applies to creating computer-animated scenes with a visual effect that allows spectator’s self-presence get-inside event-involved immersion.

In conformity with a plot of the film with cartoon animated episodes, GIN-Concept is applied to create scenes for –

(a)   “docufiction” espionage-thriller-based dilettante-journalist’s investigation video-shooting,

(b)   “docufake” breaking news reportage-screening.

The basic screen-making and video-shooting approaches are such as the followings:

-      “imitating the usage of hidden camera (or mobile phone)”;
-      “granting yourself an interview”;
-      “selfie-making”.

The scenes are to be screened in the form of undercover video-recording framed-shots.

The main concept for characters’ image-making:

-  “lips-headed personification”;
-  “celebrities-in-personage personification”.

Scandalmonger Stock Market ReportageThe characters’ image-making personifications are used to allegorically and metaphorically symbolize such social phenomena as “scandalmonger”, “title-tattle trumpery” and “gossip-news-making”.

The selective “well-rounded” characters or personages, so called “lifelike” people”, launch their own parallel investigations separately in different places and times that finally direct them to be trapped into one “every one peeps on everybody” funny-spying oxymora story.

In its deep meaning the oxymoron participatory and per-formative fictional breaking news-making “docufiction” and “docufake” aspects of GIN-Concept reflect Author’s artistic point of view on certain issue and topics reflected in a plot having hidden underlined messages plus some moral and ideological ambitions.

The scene-making visualization approach called “a watching fly on the wall" is addressed to create scene with characters involved in very comic situations.
By using the approach of hidden-cameras, or mobile phone, secret-making shooting, the characters are to be shown like their playing roles of “satyr and parody comedians”.

Here are just two examples:

1-                  a young woman upskirt- shooting taken in metro (subway) and luxury shopping-malls”;
2-                   hidden-cam recoding of tenants, both boys and girls, while their undressing and taking a bath”.

A “mixed reality” docufiction scene-making of “fictional events and locations” (e.g. Molly-Holly-Wood area) and “close-to-reality” documentary tells stories about criminal activity victimized young people from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine who have been trapped in to human trafficking, domestic slavery and human organs transplantation scams affairs.

The “ironical oxymoron expository” documentary speaks directly to the spectator in the form of an authoritative “voice-of-God” commentary sounded objective and omniscient.

Visualized with the usage of the elements of satyr and parody, the scenes of “docufake” TV Live “Faked X Naked News” (FXN)  are purposed not only to entertain the spectators but to educate the public about specific tricks used by criminals to trap and “to harvest” their victims. The rhetoric insistently presses upon the audience to read the lips-headed characters’ images in a certain fashion.

Here are a few samples of “Faked X Naked News” reportage titled:

Faked X Naked News
-Scandalmonger Lips Reportage;
- World-famous Nobel-prized Scientists’ Reportage;
- Tittle-tattle Trumpery Lips Reportage;
- Scandalmonger Stock Market Reportages;
- Midnight Time’s UP Night-Show Reportage;
- Amateur Filmmaker News Reportage;
- Government whistle-blower Gossips Reportage.

Here are a few samples of “fictional events and locations” reporting announcements:

1)   Aliens Kidnapping Celebrities:
Time’s Up or Time Out? 

2)   Anonymous Celeb has been sexually harassed by AI-Robot: Time’s Up 2B Wise!

3)   Rabies-Zombie-Humanized Celebrities:
The Aliens are hunting for Celebs in Molly-Holly-Wood area only!

4)   Government whistle-blower reveals existence of AI-Robot Sexual Maniacs:
 Revealing the existence of AI-robot “super-weapon” capable of massive destruction!

5)   Tittle-tattle Trumpery:
 An unknown Rabies-Zombie-Humanization virus (RZ1H1) infection spreading too fast will cause pandemonium pandemic very soon!

6)   An anonymous scientist discovered a limitless Source of Clean Energy:
No smart creatures living in Molly-Holly-Wood area were infected with RZ1H1 virus!

7)   Whistle-blower Warning:
Hunting for Poke-Mon Alien might be dangerous for some celebrities!

Both “DOCUFICTION” and “DOCUFAKE” visualizations are based on employing “Oxymora Cognitive Mnemonic” visualization concept.

Please, note that there are much more fetching concepts-applying peculiarities of GIN-Concept that the Author keeps in secret as “his ideas” that will certainly surprise and entertain the audience.

Oxymora Cognitive Mnemonic glasses-free 3D graphic

“Oxymora Cognitive Mnemonic”

 The “oxymora” (or else “oxy-moron”) cognitive mnemonic (or else mnemo-technique) visualization concept conforms with creating glasses-free 3D computer-animated scenes dedicated to explaining the characters’ motivation-driven and self-questioning actions. 

This visualization concept, integrated with “Science of Stupid  VS. Science of Wisdom” visualization approach, aims at allegorical and metaphorical mirroring of characters’ actions in their dream-having scenes so the spectator will be given “a hint” about characters’ true motivation and “just another puzzle-piece” for the whole-story-puzzle.

Literally, such kind of visualization technique called by the Author “Oxymoronic objects choreography & paradoxical oxymora antithesis visualization” is a set of author’s methods of imagery that call visual attention to an apparent contradiction (superficially scenes contradictory) of characters or objects in actions or non-actions but juxtaposed in such a way that there is no contradiction and being deliberately intended to confuse and designed to provoke a laugh.

 “Science of Stupid VS. Science of Wisdom”

 “Science of Stupid VS. Science of Wisdom”
visualization approach

Brief explanation:

Very often if you have no idea what people are doing in front of your eyes it certainly would make you thinking that they are doing something “stupid & crazy”. However, as soon as you are explained about what exactly the people are doing and what they are driven by, thus you may have a real fun getting surprised a lot after getting “the explanation” which is called by the Author as “oxy-moron”.

This visualization approach is based on adoptively-applying the elementary principles of cognitive-mnemonic and “oxymora/oxy-moron” associative visualization methods developed and elaborated by the Author, in particular:

1-   “Dreams Inside Out”-STALKING DREAMS ANALYSIS;
2-    “Dreaming Upside Down”-Psychological Aspects Visualization Interpretation.



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