Talents and Self-Director Audition Program

Submitted Audition-Multi-Media Materials

Defined Character Role Playing Animaiton

Any individual from all over the world who is interested in taking a part in any-given “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” brand-promoting spin-off sub-project dedicated to creating audiovisual products (e.g. film, cartoon, animated cartoon, etc.) is welcome to be assigned as “Project Participant” in a capacity of “The Talent” and “Scene-Making Self-Director” under the conditions of either “Talents Audition Program” or “Self-Director Audition Program”.

The deeper you trek into the wilderness of an artistic and amateur filmmaking, animation making and character-portraying career, the more likely you might be enrolled into author-branded project for taking benefit-gaining and profit-sharing opportunities addressing the monetization and capitalization of the final-release of any-given audiovisual product.

The benefit-gaining and profit-sharing conditions are to be guaranteed by the terms of relevant “Agreement” that each Participant is intended to sign with the Start-up Company.

Benefit-gaining and profit-sharing project participation
Benefit-gaining and profit-sharing monetary amount depends on the footage of your audition multi-media material(s) be selected and included into the footage of the final-release of any-given audiovisual product.

In other words -

         (1)    you may gain a profit, called “co-Author’s royalty” and calculated as a percentage proportional to the total footage of such product and your multi-media material towards the total amount of the Author’s royalty received,   

(2)          you may gain a profit, called “profit-share” and calculated as a percentage proportional to the total footage of such product and your multi-media material towards the amount of shares of the Start-up Company granted and transferred to you as a GIFT.

Easy-To-Understand Explanation:

(1)            If the Author’s royalty is, for an example, $50.000 and the total footage of the audiovisual product monetized is 50 minutes, and your multi-media material footage included is 1 minute, thus you may receive $1.000, as co-Author’s royalty, according to the terms and conditions of relevant “Agreement” be signed between you and the Author.
(2)          If the profit gained from the audiovisual product commercialization is, for an example, $600.000 and the total footage of the audiovisual product is 1 hour, and your multi-media material footage included is 1 minute, you may receive $10.000 as “a profit-share” according to the terms and condition of relevant “Agreement” be signed between you and the Start-up Company.

Please, CONTACT US to know more about “Benefit-Gaining and Profit-Sharing Opportunities”.

The “Talents Audition” Program is designed for actors/actresses and any person, who has a talent in singing and/or playing some musical instrument, writing and/or reciting poems, narrating monologues and scoring for sound, to be enrolled into portraying and playing of Defined Character Role via submitting their audio and video materials to be selected and included into the footage of the final-release of any of above-mentioned audiovisual products.

The “Defined Character Role” portraying and playing may be applied to “a person” and/or “animated personage” associatively representing such person or character.   

The “Self-Director Audition” Program is designed for anyone who has necessary skills for creating and/or editing of submitted multi-media materials be further converted into high-quality video clips made according to the plot of any of above-mentioned audiovisual products.

The Author provides “Character’s Role-Playing MasterClass” and “Most Suitable Character’s Portraying” training-based distant learning courses which are designed -

(1)                       to instruct each “Talent” or group of the “Talents”, or “Talent” with assistants not been called for audition, about how to perform their acting in the selected scenes of the screenplay to portray the certain character’s role according to the experimental conceptual idea of “oxy-moronic role-playing mirroring and allegorical/metaphorical acting” elaborated by the Author;

(2)                     to provide each “Talent” called for audition with specifically selected passage from the synopsis-screenplay or chapter, or screenplay according to the Talents’ appearance together with her or his “talents and gifts” such as playing musical instruments, music composing/arranging, singing, writing lyrics and poems and so on;

(3)                     to give the instructions concerning the topic of how to make the videos to be either shoot on mobile gadgets cameras or  computer web-cameras that will allow their processing and editing for  creating the animated episodes or animation;

(4)                     to provide each Talent with “Project Habits Acting Tips” and “Self-Director Scene-Making Tips”.

The Author is proud to bring you the wisdom, creativeness and non-standard working-on strategies and approaches which facilitate the development of his experimental audiovisual sub-projects.

Talent Audition Session Arrangements

Talent Audition Session Arrangements

If you can sing and/or play some musical instrument you are expected to prepare a song and a short (2 to 3 minute) audition piece that the Author provided you with before setting the audition online appointment. This piece can be a part of a scene from the screenplay, a synopsis-story or chapter passage, a poem written by the Author, or a monologue (narration for selected scene).  We will also want to have a chat with you and may ask you to read from the script performing the audition piece in a different way according to the Author’s recommendations; and to ask you about your previous experience or training you may have. We may also ask to take a casual photo so that we can better relate names to faces; these photos will be deleted when the project is complete.
Please, contact the Author for advising you what kind of audition piece will suit you better. You might be asked for listing any special skills, talents, previous shows or training that you have. Please, be acknowledged about that you may ask the Author to set up and conduct your audition.
The arrangement of the audition session called for teenagers (-18) requires Parent’s/Guardian’s written permission sent to the Author via email.

“GIG Character Roles Finder” Program:
Picking Up the Character that suits you well!

You are welcome to take the international unique opportunity proposed to everyone, who feels like he or she is an actor or actress or talent to be enrolled into “GIG Character Roles Finder” Program that offers gigging an episodic-appearance role-plays featuring author-branded audiovisual products.

Character Roles Finder Program

1) Male, 30-36 y.o., to portray “a husband who really enjoys winning competitions and not taking a good care of his wife and instead  preferring all-night computer video-gaming to having sex with her”;
2) Male, 20-35 y.o., to portray “a polished and professional looking individual who tries stereotypically behaving as a businessman while chatting at web-meetings”;
3) Female, 18-25 y.o., to portray “a young woman with an artsy vibe and a somewhat innocent appearance when she is doing something wrong while cooking something at the kitchen and chatting over the mobile phone”;
4) Female, 18-20 y.o., to portray “a young college girl who likes surfing on dating web-sites”;
5) Female, 18- 22 y.o., to portray “a young woman who is looking to have one-night-stand sexual adventure and often chatting over the web-messengers”;
6)  Female, 30-50 y.o., to portray “a strange looking woman who likes drinking alcohol while giving an exciting hints and advices to her blog visitors”;
7) Male, 35-55 y.o., to portray “a man who cares about only one thing of winning high scores and making a long nose at everyone whom he chats over the web-messengers”.
8) Female, 35-55 y.o., to portray “a woman who is very interested in trying new things and exploring various Blogs while surfing in the Internet”.
8) Male, 40-60 y.o., to portray “an older-looking man who has a habit of speaking through his nose and who likes surfing on sexual explicit web-sites”;
9) ) Male, 25-55 y.o. ,to portray “a man who pretends looking  as an old-man not seeing an inch beyond his nose while viewing photos at people’s photos at their social media profiles”;
10) Female, 40-60 y.o., to portray “an older-looking woman who pokes her nose into other people`s business and who likes living stupid-content comments at people’s blogs”;
 11) Male and Female, 30-60 y.o. ,to portray “a couple who likes socializing on various dating web-sites through the messengers but soon after always getting nodding  burying their faces at the computer keyboard and screen”.
12) Teens (boys and girls aged 12-17) to portray “a teens who are a big funs of computer video-gaming and selfie-making”.

The electronic version of “GIG Character Roles Finder” Program is available at your request be made via email.