“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project launches “DONATING and FINANCIAL PARTICIPATING” Campaign to collect additional funds needed to bring “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project to life.

The funds are intended to be collected by means of (i) receiving donations and (ii) allowing each FINANCIAL PARTICIPANT to be enrolled in  Crowd-Funding and Crowd-Investing Campaings.

You are welcome to get in touch with the Author  to get more information about how you could financially benefit from helping bringing “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” spin-off sub-projects to life.

P2P-crowd-funding and B2B-direct-financing
Crowd-funding and Crowd-Investing International Opportunity

"Above all, my goal is an achievement of my life-enriching benefits by being the Seeker of the Truth myself on my journey of points-of-vision updating, expanding and charting ahead - not just be a business entity or organization, but be the way of True-Valued Human Being"                     

DPP-Coins Cryptocurrency Digital Assets Acquisition  Anti-Scam & Anti-Fraud Policy
Anti-Scam & Anti-Fraud Policy
If you are interested in gaining benefits from your contributing to the “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project by sending donations in exchange of receiving predefined perks you are welcome to join our program arranged by V.D.A. Productions US-based Representative.

Your donations will help facilitate and speed up the process of our web-resource renovation and integration that in its turn will allow you to benefit from becoming a FREE Premium User of DPP-Platform.

This is important to know that the amount of your DONATION might be converted into “DPP-coins” (Digital-Payment Payroll) that, as an analog of crypto-currency, is to be used within the DPP-Platfrom to enable its users to gain benefits from settling up payments for the intellectual properly assets commercialization and capitalization.

Digital-Payment Payroll cryptocurrency in dollars
           You may use DPP-coins GIFT CERTIFICATE to purchase products and services provided through DPP-Platfrom as well as to buy users-published multimedia content with discounts available according to DPP-coins Discounter Program

Please, note that you may send funds in crypto-currency (e.g. Bitcoin) or by means of “wallet-to-wallet” electronic money transaction (e.g. Payoneer).

donate via bitcoin
BCH: 12tn8KgFrGHMCjRyzyoaoeVksbTZFw2Cu4


PayPal Merchant account ID: WEZ4E5ZY2858G
Your DONATION might be sent in-

(a)          (1)  USD
(b)         (2)   EURO.

The US-citizens and any organization based in the United States may send “DONATIONS” by means of funds bank-transferring directly to the V.D.A. Productions Representative’s bank account (the bank located at the territory of USA). Please, contact us here for details.

DPP-Coins promo-eChecks:
“Donating FT Gift Certificate Awarding”

As just one of the forms of DPP-Coins promo-eCheck the original “Gift Certificate” is an acknowledgement be it known that either the person-named “Recipient” or an anonymous “Bearer” has been endowed with payroll engagement subject to the set nominal-valued amount of US dollars good for DPP-Coins equivalent exchange to merchandise directly from partnership-affiliated websites and online-service showrooms integrated into DPP-Platfrom. 

e-chack Gift Certificate
The original “Gift Certificate” is normally provided as an image-formatted graphic file (*.jpg) sent via e-mail.

If printed out at the paper-medium the original “Gift Certificate” might be affixed with a corporate seal and signed by authorized person under the “Term and Conditions Holder’s Agreement” to be provided to you. The image-formatted graphic file of the original “Gift Certificate” is to be signed with an authorized person’s digitally certified crypto-signature.

If desired, you may get the original “Gift Certificate” issued for any person or company named; and if issued for the anonymous holder, the “Bearer”, it  might be re-gifted to anyone to whom you would like it to be payable in DPP-Coins.

The original “Gift Certificate” may contain two QR-codes to be scanned for verification of-

(a)Waves-Client’s address (e.g. 3PF5g5KVnttndmBcka5E5qYXiLCRK8Qu6g7)
partnered with Payoneer Global Payment Service  empowered-account;

(b) preliminary DPP-Coins Client’s address  partnered with Payoneer Global Payment Service  empowered-account (alternatively with BitcoinCash or CoinsBank address).

Your original “Gift Certificate” (“GIFT CERTIFICATE” promo-eCheck) might be intended to be exchanged for “Appreciation-Awarding GIFTCERTIFICATE”. 

Appreciation-Awarding GIFTCERTIFICATE echeck in dollars

You may ask us-

(a)            to send the original “Gift Certificate” directly to the e-mail address of the person indicated by you;
(b)            to re-design the original “Gift Certificate” according to your preferences, like for instance adding your photograph or the photo of the person whom you would like to re-gift it to. 

For your assurance before sending donations you are welcome to contact us by sending an e-mail message with a subject: “Yes! DPP-Coins promo-eCheck Gift Certificate”. 

By sending your message to us you indicate that -

(a)   you are interested in donating the funds to support “Dimanasus Prophecy” project-developing initiatives and receiving the original “Gift Certificate”  DPP-Coins promo-eCheck as our gift to you;
(b)  you are interested in future registering at DPP-Platfrom membership-based network as “Premium User”;
(c)   you are aware of the general terms and conditions concerning the original “Gift Certificate” redemption;
(d)  you are potentially interested in getting involved in and benefiting from the DPP-Coins Discounter and DPP-Shares recurring and awarding payment system.

Please note, that the original “Gift Certificate” contains 6-digits promo-routing number changed for 10-digits crypto-code routing number that is to be affixed with the ID-extension number, 2 digits and 2 letters extra, verifying you in our system as the sender of donation. Please, allow 3-5 days for your original “Gift Certificate” processing.

You will be notified immediately as soon as DPP-Platfrom starts operating online so the original “Gift Certificate” might be requested for its redemption by initiating email-2-email “Requesting Authorization” that business normally needs to gain from the customer to make the transaction.  
To redeem the original “Gift Certificate” its holder, you as the Recipient or the Bearer, will be proposed to register free Premium User’s account at the DPP-Platfrom and then asked to download the image-formatted file of the “Gift Certificate” containing the crypto-code routing number which is the User’s login associated with the Payoneer Global Payment Service empowered-account.

DPP-Coins Discounter System
  • After authorization is complete, the inputting of the payment information by downloading the image-formatted file into the online payment processing software initiates the transaction process resulting in arranging your DPP-Coins Discounter System account and providing you with recurring payment information and details of the recurring disbursement and electronic benefits payroll schedule that serves best for you.


The mobile phone conversation, chat or web-meeting with the Author might be arranged at your request sent directly to his email address.

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