"Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project: Gift-Exchange Program for donation sending
"Above all, my goal is an achievement of my life-enriching benefits by being the Seeker of the Truth myself on my journey of points-of-vision updating, expanding and charting ahead - not just be a business entity or organization, but be the way of True-Valued Human Being"                     

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"Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project: donate application developing

You are welcome to contribute to “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project by donation-sending in exchange of receiving DPP-Coins eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE  to gain lots of pre-conditioned benefits. 

The donation doubled-amount- equivalent face-value "DPP-Coins eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE" is priced in DPP-Coins which may be turned into DPP-Coin Tokens.

DPP-Coin Tokens are to be used as DPP-Platfrom intra-system crypto-assets enabling the users to benefit from -

(a) becoming a membership-based shareholder of Start-up Company (Equity Tokens), 

(b) settling up payments for unregistered intellectual property assets be commercialized and capitalized (Asset-backed Tokens),

(c) obtaining the DPP-Coin  eCheck for the acquisition of products and orchestrated services (Utility Tokens).



DPP-Coins eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE, or simply DPP-Coins GIFT CERTIFICATE, is named the original “eCheck Gift Certificate” as an acknowledgement be it known that either the person-named “Recipient” or an anonymous “Bearer” has been endowed with a gift-exchange enrollment subject to (i) the set nominal-valued amount of US dollars good for DPP-Coins Crypto-assets equivalent exchange and (ii) the redemption directly at partnered and/or affiliated websites, and/or online-service showrooms integrated or planning integrating with DPP-Platform. 

Each “eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE” assigned to you in appreciation of your donation-sending might be used as your Digital ID Signature in respect of (1) your secure communicating with all project-developing dedicated parties and (2) verifying your status of authorized holder. 

The original “eCheck Gift Certificate”, initially provided as an image-formatted graphic file (*.jpg) sent via e-mail,  contains 6-digits promo-routing number be changed for 10-digits crypto-code routing number affixed with the ID-extension ( 2 digits and 2 letters extra) to verify the ownership of DPP-Coins GIFT CERTIFICATE.

Basically, the original “eCheck Gift Certificate” might be exchanged for DPP-Coins eCheck and, if desired to be used for trading or re-gifting to the third party, may contain QR-codes to be scanned for verification of-

(a)  Your Client’s crypto-address affiliated with Payoneer® Global Payment Service  account;
(b) Your preliminary DPP-Coins Crypto-Assets Client’s address associated with BitcoinCash and/or CoinsBank address.

Please, do not pay too much attention to the simple design of the images representing “eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE” cryptographic digital assets.  All “eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE” images presented herein have been designed for public-awareness illustrative purposes only to help visualizing how it may look like after decoding  of cryptographically embedded code.

Digital-Payment Payroll gift certificate cryptocurrency in dollars
           You may use your DPP-Coins GIFT CERTIFICATE to exchange it for Author-branded products and services provided as a "gift". 

You may use DPP-Coins eCheck for any kind of redemption such as, in particular but no limited to, Start-up Company's shareholding, purchasing products and services provided through DPP-Platfrom with discounts available according to DPP-coins Discounter Program, having full-service access to the users-published multimedia content. 

e-chack Gift Certificate friends distributing
You may exchange DPP-Coins GIFT CERTIFICATE for a few Promo-Image eCheck Gift Certificates issued for any person-named or the anonymous holder (the “Bearer”) to send it to anyone whom you would like to invite for participating in GEM-Program.

The “eCheck Gift Certificate” Terms and Conditions Policy booklet for your acknowledgment with is available upon request made via email messaging.


 1.Please, copy the text of “Letter of Intent” and paste it into your e-mail message you're about to send us.

Letter of Intent
for the
“Dimanasus Prophecy”/ “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project
(the Project)
be submitted as “Gift Exchange Matching Program” (GEM-Program) Participation Proposal

I <your Name/Surname> confirm on behalf of my interest in the above- mentioned Project.

This “Letter of Intent” sent from my e-mail address <your email address> is considered as (1) my consent to participate in GEM- Program and (2) my intention to contribute to the Project by sending the donation of the amount of ________________ in exchange of DPP-Coins eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE (certificate).

I believe that my submitted participation in GEM-Program is in line with my personal goals and is consistent with my project engagement strategy.  I confirm my interest in becoming registered “Premium User” of DPP-Platform and acquiring DPP-Coin Crypto-Assets (tokens).

I therefore fully support all Project implementation initiatives.
By confirming my awareness of general information in relation to “DPP-Coins eCheck Gift Certificate” I would like to –

(1)  be kept informed about the progress of the Project;
(2)   have a web-based account to manage certificate(s) awarded.   

I understand this document has not a legally binding character; and, if necessary, I agree to sign any given binding document(s) either in electronic or paper medium printed form(s) if needed to assure my rights, guaranties and obligations.

Date: _________________________

Note: You also may use a Contact Form at the right-side panel of this web-site to send us the copied text of "Letter of Intent".
  In our return, we will forward the "Letter of Intent" signed electronically with a Digital Certificate (authorized person’s digitally certified crypto-signature). 

If you would like to turn the face value of DPP-Coins GIFT CERTIFICATE into donation-double-amount-equivalent please, do not hesitate to add such statement into the "Letter of Intent".

Please, allow up to 5 days for your DPP-Coins GIFT CERTIFICATE to be delivered to you.  
 2. After receiving our “Letter of Intent” you are welcome to send a donation with the amount you desire to contribute to.   

 3. As soon as your donation received and verified we'll send you DPP-Coins GIFT CERTIFICATE linked to your DPP-Coins demo-account arranged.

 For your assurance you are always welcome to contact us before sending donations and ask the questions you may have.


donate via bitcoin

Dimanasus Extern Network
The donations sent with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, or Stellar may be exchanged for (1) DPP-Coins GIFT CERTIFICATE,  (2) Promo-eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE (“GIFT CERTIFICATE” promo-eCheck) to obtain predefined returns presupposed by participating in GEM-Program.

In addition you also gain a preliminary right to

(1) participate in Securities-Offering, Shareholding and Money-earning Programs and benefit from such,

(2) start business-making worldwide-operating activities without the need of establishing a company,

(3)  advertise in promoting affiliated and partnered digital-assets based projects,

(5) organize, complete and monetize your own project,

(6) extend reach and create new project-engagement revenue opportunities.


BCH( Bitcoin Cash):

BTC (Bitcoin):

ETH (Ether):

Stellar XML:

For security reasons, you are welcome to contact us to verify any above-listed “Address”.Please note, that cryptocurrency donations have not yet been integrated with DPP-Coins (DPPC) Crypto-assets system be implemented at DPP-Platform, so the link for tracking our progress may not reflect any bitcoin donations at this time. 

You are welcome to contribute to “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project by donation-sending in exchange of receiving DPP-Coins eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE  to gain lots of benefits
V.D.A. Productions (Global), dba-named US-based Representative, is authorized to accept donations on behalf of “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project via PayPal Verified Merchant account.

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