VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS TEAM is focused on assisting in implementing multimedia-content web-based resources to be integrated in DPP-Platform as an infrastructure of  “Virtually Emulated Reality of Artificial-Cognitive Intelligence Type System” and “Intelligence Computing Optimization Network” (ICON).

any-complexity third-party project development mobile application

VDA PRODUCTION Team unites dozens people who are living and working remotely in different countries and who are working hard to build a cooperative and collaborative communications team dedicated to developing "Dimana$U Prophecy" Project, leader-headed by Dzmitry A. Vasilyeu,the Author.

VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS empathize with each other for problem-solving and decision-making to build innovation-based products and to propose relevant services in health and entertainment sector.

VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS is a team of well-motivated trustworthy and confidentiality-keeping freelancers focusing on assisting in developing of Author-initiated projects and any-complexity third-party project that scopes relevant tasks and goals employing cost-effective marketing strategy and monitoring value-driven prospective targeted-audience (e.g. users and customers) at all stages of in-collaboration-project implementing.  

VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS team’s workforce can produce far-reaching benefits and demonstrable real-world value for "Dimanasus Prophecy", or alternatively titled "Dimana$U$ Prophecy", Project subject to P2P crowd-funding and B2B direct-financing campaigns. 

VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS have their hands full with technologies that have been hyped for some time and are now ripe for adoption, including software-defined VPN, Virtual Desktop Applications hybrid cloud computing, hyper-convergence compute and network functionality in a single virtualized solution, and technology of “SIMULATION FT. EMULATION FT. VIRTUALIZATION” concerning Internet of Things applications (IoT-Apps).

One of the numerous goals of  VDA PRODUCTION TEAM is to assist in developing of “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project  aiming at creating on/off-line self-care home-cinema for a truly all-encompassing theater-like Mobile Virtually Emulated Reality ( aka VER-Tech) experience of usability - easy to setup, easy to use.

VDA PRODUCTION Collaborators specialized in Artificial intelligence (AI) and Virtual Augmented Reality (VAR) assist in creating applications be either stand-alone software (e.g. decision support software) or embedded within larger software or hardware systems to be implemented at DPP-Platform.   


VDA PRODUCTION Collaborators, subject-matter experts, have made AI and VAR their subject s of academic studies. Their approach is to develop and provide AI and VAR solutions that meet the stated objectives of the business resulting expectations to be measured effectively.


VDA PRODUCTION Collaborators specialized in software development, implementation and technology transfer services assist in provide successful deployment of effective and long-term solutions addressing keeping “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Proejct in a progress.

By focusing on creating brand new applications that’s designed to make virtual reality more functionality-oriented for self-healing “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project aims at popularizing Virtually Emulated Reality technology as the alternative medium for home virtual theaters.

VER-Tech has an opportunity to become the future of home cinema that not only proposes the options for entertainment but also guides every single onlooker or user for self-healing and self-care opportunities.
interactive entertainment and health-improvement virtual reality applications
Virtually emulated reality end-user’s components

Trending Top Opportunities for Proof-of-Concept Prototyping of 

Creating “Dimanasus Prophecy” Project dedicated Mobile Applications

“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project (aka “DP-Project”) is VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS’ under-patronage project with respect to creating web- and mobile applications dealing with interactive entertainment and health-improvement conceptualizations ; thus due to its qualities it might be highly ranked among other VDA PRODUCTION projects.

Virtually Emulated Reality experience mobile applicaitons

The main MEGA-idea is to deliver quality and professionally-made audiovisual products to be employed in entertainment and health sectors for everybody and for daily-routine life for Virtually Emulated Reality experience.

VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS work on developing “Dimanasus Prophecy” spin-off sub-projects aiming at creating audiovisual 3D-content web-based applications, aka VDA-App(s), which are functionality-featured with mobile applications (Apple iOS and Android) and operationally-integrated with users' social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Combining textual and media content, animated graphics accompanied by music and narrations, VDA-Apps employ interactive-functioning of immersive video-gaming technology and allow users (or customers) connecting DPP-platform via computer home-server (on/off-line) and enjoying all-package functionalities directly from the desktop (Virtual Desktop Applications).  

VDA-CrowdApps  allow making many things, such as for an example, an organizing unlimited voice and video web-meetings with screen sharing,  desktop accessing  and remote-controlling so it might be used for keeping working anywhere, even offline; and  arranging Face-2-Faces Online Training Courses and Webinars.

Web-Audition Services and Solutions Application
(aka WASS-App)

WASS-App is a mobile application that works as “representative web-audition virtual office” to offer quality solutions to any complex project needs.

 WASS-App is to provide all-in-one package tools for –

1- Supporting for live streaming anything from web-auditions and webinars to online conferences;
2- Increasing multimedia project brand recognition and promote it to a wide audience via  mobile-friendly and web-enabled devices;
3- Connecting with audiences for future brand awareness;
4- Allowing obtaining advantages for becoming a thought leader of your-own project;
5- Marketing and commercializing conveniently taking and receiving payments;

Integrated with DPP-Platfrom services and backed by 3-d party experienced staff, WASS-App is designed to assist in developing any project from start to finish and customizing high-impact presentations supported for animation and moderating features, including using live video streams, previewing presentation slides, sharing screens and applications, and displaying your future-finished product and/or service brand and logo.

The employment of “Virtually Emulated Reality” concept multi-functionality allows WASS-App adding the specific services addressing hands-on-testing of the web-based emulation of interactive animation and hosting live events with pretty unique users’ entertaining aspects.

“DeeP-PeeP” Multimedia Festival Application:
Multimedia Content Contest for  monetization, commercialization & capitalization of your creations

“Deep-Peep Fest” App is a multimedia streaming content application dedicated to “DeeP-PeeP” Multimedia Festival (aka “Deep-Peep Fest”) that, as planned, is to be an international online event for all vibrant enthusiasts of glasses-free-3D techniques, been employed for creating audiovisual artworks of any kind, and who are interested in committing to creating multimedia content devoted to spreading “unique knowledge” (e.g.  theories and ideas behind them) to be presented in modern visual art video-clipping-form to all interested.  

Deep-Peep Fest aims at bringing out the best and most unique theories visualizations from the creators and non-standard thinkers around the globe and to present them all on one single platform which is our DPP-Platfrom that is targeting creating monthly online video-clips library of “unique knowledge” presenting artworks.

Basic application functionalities:

-         free-of-charge submitting to short-length trailers, teasers or behind the scenes videos, web and TV series of any genre – all media content that depicts some theory, discovery, idea, etc.;
-         submitting multimedia content to be viewed by the international community and judged for selection through the members’ LIKE-giving and STAR-rating;
-         award-winning and income-scaling for multi-media content monetization, commercialization and capitalization;
-         communicating with IP-industry specialists for reviewing all submitted multimedia content selected for commercialization;
-         informing and announcing for selected content awarding;
-         signing for all relevant agreements and contracts in digital form;
-         submitting selected content for multi-scale commercializing and partnering with third parties enabling the content author’s receiving one-time payment or gaining commissions or royalties;
-         submitting linked media content hosted in the Internet (e.g YouTube).  

As soon as DPP-Platfrom is launched providingfull-package-services, all selected multimedia content will be available on it for at least one-year duration. The authors may request not to remove their creations and all winner multimedia content will be kept available as long as it is required for multi-scale commercialization processing.



VDA-CrowdApp is “All-in-one Funds Receiving Package” mobile application that is basically designed to allow:

- Cross-Device Offering of Funds-receiving Affiliate Performance.

To improve the features and functionality of VDA-CrowdApp we organize discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in philanthropy and learning about donor-advised funds.

Anyone interested is invited for our competent source of information on nonprofit organizations and donation-receiving campaigns to be launched.

 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Building the CROWD-FUNDING & CROWD-INVESTING Infrastructure 

(1)How and why foundations may finance your project; 

(2)Challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in both the collection and use of the funds received;

(3)How to influence on nonprofit funding decisions.


(1)Donor-advised funds (DAFs) tax deduction vehicle;

(2)Charitable landscape evolving of imperative of nonprofits identifying and cultivating donors;

(3)Donor-advised funds becoming one of the fastest growing vehicles for charitable giving; 

(4)“How” to connect with donors and how to incorporate DAFs into your fundraising strategy;

(5)“What” donors are seeing about your organization and how to encourage them to use their DAFs to support your project;

(6)Insights of donors’ giving behavior and survey data.

The nonprofit sector has a need for legal services, financial advisors, insurance professionals, strategic consultants, and other expertise; so if you offer services like these, we will be glad to collaborate with you.

We organize “Call-2-Action” events addressing to:

- Customization of the lists of key targets by size, geography, cause area;
- Creating Professional, downloadable reports for client consultations;
- Researching and creating of reports from all available documents and audited financial statements;

- HR-practice campaign of providing fair-market salaries and benefits for leaders and staff.