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“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project:  Giving  opportunities for business-making, collaborating, cooperating, partnering and affiliating
…the voice of one man is the voice of no one – the power of one’s voice is when “one stands with all and all stand with one”!


"WHY" You May Want to be a Part of It

GEM-Program is a new-concept hybrid of crowd-funding campaign and affiliating gift-exchanging program that focuses on smart individuals helping creative individual, the Author, who initiates a really big public-interest Project designed to allow anyone interested to become a part of it. So GEM-Program is about “individuals supporting the Author” and is a public offer to take project-participating opportunities.

The project-participating opportunities vary a lot, and GEM-Program opens a door to taking any of them if you want to.
By participating in GEM-Program you deal with the Author directly with no need to use crowd-funding platform service. The obvious fact is that your trust towards the Author might be gained only by direct dealing with him.

By dealing directly with the Author and participating in his Project you are not about looking for a financial break-through in your life, but for doing good things in exchange of receiving “something” that was created by the Author and that may please you very much.

"Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project: Gift-exchanging Program Participation Opportunity

GEM-Program is to represent the Author and his authorized Representatives (e.g. V.D.A. Productions Global) who are totally in charge of proposition of Author-branded gifts and who act on behalf of the Author and for the betterment of the Author’s project-developing initiatives supported in association with VDA PRODUCITON COLLABORATORS

With GEM-Program you can dramatically change “your way of thinking of yourself” because even though you may be not “creative enough” to create something innovative, but you are certainly “smart enough” to help creative individual to create “something really good”.
Your help makes you a part of “that something really good” that you can be proud of.

So what about receiving your-choice gift you may not only like but need in return of your helping by sending donation?

GEM-Program concept is embraced by private persons inviting gathering groups of individuals who are –

1-    intended to participate in innovation-developing process;
2-  seriously thinking about taking unique opportunities for further commercial cooperating and collaborating with Start-up company running project-developing activity based on crypto-assets transactions.

"Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project:  GEM-Program Project Participating concept of crowd-funding campaign

Your project participating activity starts with sending donation in exchange of receiving the gift of your choice. The prime gift you may receive is DPP-Coins eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE that comes with arranging your personal DPP-Coins account.

By becoming “Project Financial Participant” you may benefit from the steady stream of generated DPPC crypto-assets with NO BOARDS to fill, NO MATRIXES to split or stall, and NO BINARY to balance.

Crypto-currency valued e-check: Financing "Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project

These are just some of free tools that are available if you wish to get it:
  • Your website that represents your “personal goodwill freedom” activity in a capacity of Project Financial Participant
  • Scripts to help you to learn how–
1-    to be more productive in popularizing the Project and your participation in it;
2- you may organize your own project to bring people to you who are seriously looking to generate DPPC crypto-assets to finance your project.
New tools are constantly being developed to help us to help you succeed in our quest for ideation and creativeness prosperity freedom.

“How” It May Work 

Since you have already decided to contribute to the “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project by donating you should know that in return, or better to say “in exchange”, you may receive DPP-Coins eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE with a face value of double-amount equivalent of donation you send.

Upon verifying of receiving donation you sent you will be –

1-    notified via email with DPP-Coins eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE attached;
2-  presented with options to hold DPPC ID# account and/or exchange your gift-contribution directly for the predefined gift offered by the Author.

Your DPPC account may be handled for you soon after your donation received and verified.

In addition, you will be also provided with the information about the options available to you in order to manage your account and invite other people to take a part in GEM-Program.

By inviting other people to contribute to the Project you gain special benefits; so it’s like “starting the domino effect” to creating your “personal goodwill freedom” by generating DPPC crypto-assets. After inviting your first person to contribute to the Project you are qualified as a Project Financial Participant. This first person is your qualifier and all others invited are assigned to you. From this point on, you are qualified to be in benefit-gaining position in a capacity of Project Financial Participant.

If desired, you may be awarded with a Project Participant Certificate that might be used as your digital ID signature in all communications in relation to the project participating and developing activity.

For now within GEM-Program there are no business transactions, investments and/or securities involved; and it comes later when the Project is trusted by all contributors who highly appreciate Author’s efforts in bringing his ideas to life. Of course, in due time you certainly will be aware of partnered and affiliated business and company names standing behind the Project and uniting their efforts to bringing a real value in DPPC crypto-assets. Your participation in GEM-Program is not considered a business or an investment until DPPC crypto-assets, such as for instance DPP-Coins eCheck, are officially released for commercialization. With holding DPP-Coins eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE your rights for redeeming it for DPP-Coins eCheck are reserved.


donate via bitcoin

Dimanasus Extern Network
The donations sent with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, or Stellar may be exchanged for (1) DPP-Coins GIFT CERTIFICATE,  (2) Promo-eCheck GIFT CERTIFICATE (“GIFT CERTIFICATE” promo-eCheck) to obtain predefined returns presupposed by participating in GEM-Program.

In addition you also gain a preliminary right to 

(1) participate in Securities-Offering, Shareholding and Money-earning Programs and benefit from such,

(2) start business-making worldwide-operating activities without the need of establishing a company,

(3)  advertise in promoting affiliated and partnered digital-assets based projects,

(5) organize, complete and monetize your own project,

(6) extend reach and create new project-engagement revenue opportunities.


BCHBitcoin Cash):

BTC (Bitcoin): 

ETH (Ether): 

Stellar XML:

For security reasons, you are welcome to contact us to verify any above-listed “Address”. Please note, that cryptocurrency donations have not yet been integrated with DPP-Coins (DPPC) Crypto-assets system be implemented at DPP-Platform, so the link for tracking our progress may not reflect any bitcoin donations at this time. 

 Anti-Scam and Anti-Fraud Policy

Contribute to “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project
V.D.A. Productions (Global), dba-named US-based Representative, is authorized to accept donations on behalf of “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project via PayPal Verified Merchant account.

Get acquainted with the Author!
Any questions? Please, do not hesitate to 


The mobile phone conversation, chat or web-meeting with the Author might be arranged at your request sent directly to his email address.


It is VERY IMPORTANT that the appropriate terminology be used in order to maintain the ethics of GEM-Program referring to the project contributing and participating activity.
PARTICIPANTS MUST NOT EVER use the following terminology:

Paid Earnings
Make money
Guaranteed Profits
Real Dividends
Money making
No risks
Legal Employment
Paid out

Money Securities
Paid off
Assured sell
Assured Buy
Sure bet
Multiply your money
Getting Paid
Profitable business
Real Income

PARTICIPANTS should always use the following terminology:

Gift receiving
I have gifted
I received a gift
Invited as Trusted
Free association

Helping the Author
Right to give
Smart people
Exchange your gift
Project Affiliating
Trusted Invitation