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Screenplay Adaptations 

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Throughout publishing our YouTube channel media content with educational and promotional purposes we present original ideas, scripts and storyboards created by the Author to demonstrate the elementary principles of visualization style and techniques described-in-annotation at  the Author’s Blogging Website.

Created animated short-length video-teasers are presented in the form of Animatics to boost “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project popularization and to explain complicated ideas, dedicated to presenting of screenplay adaptations, with ease and fun.

The screenplay adaptations are based upon the Author’s novelettes such as the followings titled:

(1) “Dimanasus Prophecy”, 
(2) “Dreams Inside Out”, 
(3) “Dreaming Upside-Down”

(4) “FREE-DOM”.

The synopsized screenplay adaptations are targeted to revealing and giving the clue about “what really the heroes have been driven by” through depicting their actions and thoughts in a specific “big contradiction and cognitive discord oxymoron” way that is aimed to distinguishing the heroes’ so called “reality from hypocrisy” characteristics which are expected to be found quite easily by sophisticated reader.

The synopsized screenplay adaptations include Author-written poems/lyrics (Russian, English, Italian and Spanish) woven with “wisdomization” motivational and inspirational sayings.

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The Author’s novelettes are intended to be published on-demand in cooperation with the parties concerned. On‑demand publishing is a unique process and service of making novelettes available for retail sale to the public as e-books taking advantage of on‑demand producing and Internet marketing. On‑demand publishing includes promotions, retail sales, producing, order fulfillment, accounting and collecting royalties on behalf of the Author.

"Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project: GIF animation screenplay presentaiotn


Each background story depicts selected “forbidden history” events which are based on historical facts and casting a glance round 1914-2014 period of USA, USSR (Russia) and China’s impacting on the world history (e.g. “World War I/II: Stalin-Churchill-Trumann’s high official meeting in 1947”, “Russian October Revolution”, “World Economic Collapses”) and which the characters have got an involvement into. By mixing “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” main-background story with its spin-off stories, as adaptation of selective chapters of “Dreams Inside Out” and “Dreaming Upside-Down” novelettes, the Author presents his "Futuro-Logical Subjunctive Mood” conceptualization-as-visualization intended to help the audience -

(a) to reveal each character role-playing and true-motivation driven;
(b) to get immersed into so-called “time-lapsing wrapped up in virtually-emulated reality” environment.

The background story of “Animated Cartoon” and “Animated Cartoon Series” is based upon the screenplay adaptation of the Author’s novelette Dreams Inside Out” in which the Author gives the introduction to his "wannabe-celebrity naked truth" oxymoron-personification theory.

Bill-Yard Hot Game

“Bill-Yard Hot Game” short-length film story is a selective screenplay scenes visualization that is focused on introducing the “Dimanasus Propehcy”whole-story characters such as “Victor” and“Slava”, “Fly” and “Blow", “BraBra” and “Dinamo” (Casting).

The “Bill-Yard Game” story is to be told in a few sub-stories which are seemingly not connected to each other since very beginning but which, by giving “clues and hints”, allow spectators to make “guesses” about that all sub-stories are depicting the same characters in their different life-periods.

The main “Bill-Yard Hot Game” story is about three young nice looking women, the characters of “Fly”, “Blow" and “BraBra” who were “playfellows” born in the same poor village and growing up during the USSR-time of “PERESTROYKA” and who have been bearing a grudge against one another for a such long time just waiting for “the suitable moment” to take revenge on each other. One day they have met two young fellows, the characters of “Victor” and “Slava”, living in a big city and the “suitable moment” has come and so called “Bill-Yard Game” has begun; however, nobody knew that their “GAME” has been watched .For  many years each week-end those two nice looking guys have been arranging  so called “Bill-Yard” billiard-game parties, very HOT parties! Those three young luxury looking ladies had no clue how dangerous for them that GAME will be. Each guy had his own hidden agenda and one day three young women have just vanished soon after such billiard party was over”.

“Anderson Wedding Fairytale”
“Anderson Wedding Fairytale” is a continuation of “Town Girl Psychology” story which is mainly focused on introducing the “Dimanasus Propehcy” whole-story characters such as “Dinamo” and “Al Cap-One” (Casting:Casino and Night Club owner),“Alisa Mirror”, “Stale Joke”, “Steak”, “Pussy” (Casting: Casino Staff) and “Gestapo-$.$.”(Casting: Casino Co-owner).

The film episodes with docufiction-“get inside” elements are based on tourist journalist- dilettante original novel story investigation (mainly made by using hidden camera and mobile phone video-shooting) results and to be screened as undercover video device screen-framed shots with applying my visual techniques that causes so called “spectator-get-inside”  self-presence and event-being-involved effects.

According with a plot a few well-rounded film characters (“lifelike” people”) launch their own parallel investigations separately in different places and times that finally direct them to be trapped into one “every one peeps on everybody” spy-but-funny story based upon original screenplay properly modified and adopted for docufiction-movie. In its deep meaning such participatory and per-formative docufiction-movie reflects my artistic point of view on certain issue and topics reflected in a plot having hidden underlined messages plus some moral and ideological ambitions.

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The detailing of the Author’s ideas and underlying concepts together with the provision of business plan, synopsis-screenplay, storyboard visualizations and all other relevant media materials, that form the basis of “MEGA-Version” of the Author’s Project, are available at your request only after signing “Letter of Intent” with the Author 

The “Letter of Intent” states the appropriate conditions of your financial participation in producing at least one of the audiovisual products