Distant Learning Programs

Distant Learning Programs and Courses

Author-branded PROOF-OF-CONCEPT EXPERIMENTAL educational courses
“…promoting inspiration & ideation exchange for research and life-changing experience” 

Author-branded Distant Learning Programs

Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu, the Author, initiates the conduction of goals-achieving researches and organizes result-analyzing  experimental investigations accompanied by independent role-initiated-scholarship distant learning programs which are designed for education-exchange purposes addressing topic-related issues concerning Author-branded Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project (aka the Project) implementation.

The Author-branded distant learning courses are available according to “Reward and Perk-incentives Treatment Program” subject to crowd-funding campaigns organized on behalf of the Project. 

Be developed in association with the Author and in collaboration with VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS, “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project aims at –

1-creating experimental and innovations-based audiovisual products and providing attendant orchestrated services in health and entertainment sector;

2- building the infrastructure of Global Trusted-Users Content Delivery Network;

3- allowing all approved individuals to take a part in a Project for profit-sharing and benefit-gaining.

glasses-free 3D visualization techniques
Selective distant learning courses and programs are designed to introduce to the Author-branded underlying concepts addressing scene-making glasses-free 3D visualization techniques applied for creating computer-animated scenes with a visual effect that allows spectator’s self-presence get-inside and event-involved immersion.
The main underlying concepts applied for creating audiovisual products include  “Celebrities‘ Caricatures and Pictures Faking”,  oxymoron cognitive mnemotechnique associative characters’ image-making,  “Real Actors’ Animated Scene Mounting” and stereopsis-perception enhancing technology.

The Author has many exciting ideas for collaborative projects with leading EEG-biofeedback and Virtual Emulated Reality Research labs operated by digital Start-up Company utilizing DPP-Coins Crypto-assets in partnership of legal persons intendeded to issue and offer DPP-Coins associated digital assets for algorithmic crypto-acquisitions in respect of “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project development and accomplishment.

Independent Role-Initiated Scholarship

“Independent Role-Initiated Scholarship” concept, or else IRIS-concept, is a set of remote collaborative co-learning principles and methods to be applied for –

 1-providing topic-related and Author-mentored distant learning service in organizing and developing any-complex project based on utilization of IP assets owned by project initiator;

2-assisting with attendant services provided by experienced project participants and certified project representatives.

Providing topic-related and Author-mentored distant learning service is based on a few approaches consisting in (1) student’s pretending in role-playing of initiating IP assets based project within framed time and budget, and (2) abstract scoring necessary skills concerning such “role-playing” in order to achieve best results in final-result project implementation.

The assistance with attendant services basically consist in helping –

1-    Employing Agile-Prop” framework;
2-  Practicing studying and analyzing results in project-related topics franchise marketing research;
3-  Composing project-related presentation content (e.g. training materials, articles, etc.). 

Reading in depth the information provided at the Author’s web-based resources dedicated to presenting “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project may help you with -

- preparing “Your Vision” project-presentation;

-authoring project-related articles and then composing “Your Critique” that describes project-goals achieving benefits and faults;

-determining the quality of project-related presentation considering factors such as content and accuracy;

- determining the needs of arranging conferences, live webinars, regional meetings and training programs;

- researching the project-dedicated topics for preparing training materials.

 "Experimental Lab of Dreams Inside Out”


 Self-Experimenting Examination Program


designed for therapists, counselors, spiritual directors, health practitioners, health care workers, teachers in health sector, and any person seeking life-enriching goals

neurofeedback training application

AudioVisual Synergy-Synesthesia-Synchronization Compositing
Frequency-Based NeuroTherapy

Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision
Entertainment Therapy


virtual reality alternative technology

Sleep Therapy Experimental Program  
“Self-Healing through Self-Entertaining"

Virtually emulated reality end-user’s components

Virtually emulated reality end-user’s components

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Russian-English Learning Associative Techniques Evolving