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“Tele-Java” concept-based Mobile Application in its prototype-alpha-version allows you to START BENEFITING from HOSTING YOUR WEBSITE that integrates built-in DPP-Coins Crypto-Assets Generator

Tele-Java” concept-based Mobile Application hyperlink redirects to the page of this blog that contains the information about the emulation and virtualization of prototyping mobile application that consists of a set of TXT-formatted and distributed JavaScript programming applets and networking-architecture utilities recorded on memory card (MicroSD) and/or USB flash drive (memory sticks).
The functionality of text-underlined and button-contained hyperlinks is disabled for security reasons; thus this is an emulation that demonstrates the basics of web-based application features redirecting to PHP files to be recorded on virtual disk (V:) mounted to your computer.
PHP file server-side processing allows your ID registration and verification for Intranet access.
In “Tele-Java” concept-based Mobile Application the role of virtually mounted disk (V:) plays the MicroSD memory card and/or USB flash drive.

“Tele-Java” mobile application prototyping concept is based on employing technologies of Blockchain, Intranet and Extranet be combined for building a Global Trusted-Users Multi Content Delivery Network , called Dimana$U$ExternNet (X-TernNet) that integrates DPP-Coins Cryptocurrency Payment System to co-exist in mutually-beneficial harmony - all for users’ convenience!

“Dimana$U$ExternNet” is to allow all interested be either business entity or organization, or private individual to achieve profit-sharing and benefits-gaining goals addressing registering domain name for so called “dba-website”.
Each dba –website is subject to its further monetization and commercialization initiated by applying so-called "estimation and value-appraisal procedures".

Tele-Java App: We’re doing our best to let you Google Play (not-yet available)

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