DPP-Coins Discounter

DPP-Coins Discounter is a digital crypto-assets-flow system managed by Local Host/Server networking operators to allow mutual-interest securing transactions between contractual arrangements involved Parties registered as Members of such system.
DPP-Coins Discounter System (aka DPP-System) is engaged for settlement of Parties' service-providing and/or product-offering exchange conditioned on crypto-assets generated "cash-back" as "a discount".

By operating Local Hosted Website and holding DPP-Coins crypto-assets account, administered by integrated-combination of emulated and virtualized application-as-software (“DPP-Coin” App & Com) installed on virtual drive  (V:\), each Operator interacts with each Party involved into contractual arrangements in order to provide a certain percentage of discount that may be not higher than 15%.

DPP-System works with no need for using an expensive IT-equipment and paying for huge electrical bills and does not need engagement of “cryptocurrency miners” in comparison with Blockchain technology.

Both “DPP-Coins Discounter System” and “DPP-Coins Fluctuations Bond Acquire-Currency System”, deployed as “DPP-System” sub-platform integrated into DPP-Platform, are designed to facilitate supporting fund-collecting procedures and crypto-assets transactions for data-driven and innovation-based projects aimed at developing IT-related products and proposing orchestrated services actually-harvesting the untapped business-making value. 

By operating business and human resources big-data fundamentals and aiming at building functional business intelligence predictive problem-solving and solution-finding models, DPP-Platform is designed to integrate many back-end systems as sub-platforms, to facilitate the development of any-complex project be assisted with collaborative team of  VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS and to allow fundraising via processing crypto-currency transactions. 

DPP-Coins Discounter System
Integrated Services

1)    Multimedia content commercialization and monetization
2)    Web-Audition Services and Solutions/ WASS
3)    Social media Groups and Communities: 

-         creating a dynamic “diversity-of-interests” communities and groups with multi-nodal, self-governed operations and a co-ordinating centre; the communities and groups bounded by ideas, theories, approaches, concepts and so on

4)    Marketing Analyst & Specialist Strategy: MASS-Service.

DPP-Coins Discounter System


1-“Multi-Followers Social Media Marketing”,
2- “P2P & B2B Email Marketing”,
3- “Author’s Press & Media Releasing”,
4- “Massive Targeted Audience SEO Distribution”,
5- “3d party Website & e-Commerce SEO Service Assitance”,
6- “Crowd-funding Design & Direct-financing Management”.

The Holy Grail of Crypto-Block-Cell Technology:


DPP-Coins Discounter System

The adoption of DPP-Coins will be a catalyst to the new decentralized Intranet and Extranet infrastructure based crypto-currency mainstream system deployed at DPP-Platform that releases DPP-Coins tokens for –

(a)                 Providing valuable services addressing newly-created products customization and buying-selling payments processing optimization,
(b)                 Facilitating financing any-complex project by means of launching crowd-funding, direct-financing, and crowd-investing international-value campaigns designed to achieve profit-sharing and mutual-benefit-gaining goals in most effective and proper way that suite every single financial participant ,
(c)                   Optimizing trading of commercialized unregistered forms of the intellectual property assets in its most secure and ownership-protective way.

Not being a claim on a private bank or other financial institution such as bank deposits, “DPP-Coins” (hereinafter “coins” might be used as not plural but sole) are two-tokens based crypto-assets mainstream which is actually not really digital or electronic monies flow but something “significantly different”.

DPP-Coin is a derived-type cryptocurrency digitalized and existing in virtually emulated cyryto-assets transaction system.  DPP-Coin can only be transmitted via electronic means to allow transferring ownership in certain communities and groups registered as Premium Users of DPP-Platform that registers coins-balances recorded electronically and allow or restrict the transferring of value on networks.  

DPP-Coins Discounter Prototyping 

Conceptualized by Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu, “Digital Crypto-Currency based Discounter System” was publicly presented at the “Crowd-funding Globalization Problem Solutions” closed-group conference held in Washington, DC in 2016. At the conference the “Digital Crypto-Currency based Discounter System” was proposed to be implemented as a core component of global crowd-funding P2P-network that is operated by crypto-currency- flow discounter-feedback without the need of a trusted authority aiming at accumulating the funds addressed to “verified and identified” fundraisers.

DPP-Coins Discounter system

 blockchain tokens programThe main purpose of releasing of DPP-Coins blockchain tokens was to enable providing valuable services to all social-networking membership-based project participants and to allow them gaining the possibility of transferring such services value in the form of certain convenient units and attracting funds for the development of their own IP-assets based projects which may be relevant to or may differ from the scope of “Dimanasus Prophecy” project including its spin-off sub-projects.

DPP-Coins token
The main role of DPP-Coins token was initially determined by the nature of the entire “Dimanasus Prophecy” project and by DPP-Coins Discounter System operating for the DPP-Platform which is all-in-one global monetization platform for digital content, virtual commodities and web-services provided by 3d-party eco-cooperation affiliated entities integrated into one social-media networking conglomerate.  

DPP-Coins Discounter, as a backend network-based crypto-currency system integrated into DPP-Platform, aimed at assisting with raising funds for the development of each user’s given project.  

DPP-Coins Discounter System allows DPP-Coins and DPP-Shares token usage for-
(a)             Startup Company shareholders’ independent-decision voting;
(b)            3d-party affiliated members’ decentralized voting;
(c)           3d-party eco-cooperation commodities and assets projects system-rating;
(d)            3d-party loyalty partnership affiliating.

DPP-Coins Discounter System integration with Payoneer Global Payment Service empowered-accounts enables all membership-based users receive funds from selected companies and commercial enterprises worldwide and change them for DPP-Coins and vice versa.
Prototyped with Waves-integration, maintained by national currencies transferring through compliant gateway operators, allowed creating DPP-Coins blockchain tokens and operating P2P/B2B funds transferring and trading between network members instantly and securely.

Prototyped Waves-Client’s partnering with Payoneer Global Payment Service allows-

(a)             DPP-Coins merchandising from DPP-Platfrom network 3d-party integrated websites and online-service showrooms;
(b)            DPP-Coins tokens trading on popular exchanges such as Bittrex and the WavesDEX, against many other counterparty currencies, including EUR, USD and BTC.

Microsoft Azure “DPP-Coins blockchain
The integration with Microsoft Azure will allow “DPP-Coins” users’ group web app availability for URL-browsing at:

The specification for the location, size, and features of the web server farm that hosts “DPP-Coins” App are defined according to the users’ group. Here is an example of the App Service plan configuration created in the Cloud Shell for V.D.A. Productions’ “Standard Plan” members:
  • Region:  East US
  • Instance size: Small
  • Scale count: 8 instances
  • SKU: Free

The actual cost or value of DPP-Coins tokens is to be established using specific mechanisms in particular, but not limited, open market Custom Application Tokens Payroll (aka CAT-Payroll) mechanisms.

DPP-Coins eCheck Utilization Perspectives:
 Electronic check processing

Looking forward for DPP-Coins eCheck (please, don’t misread it with “promo-eCheck”) utilization perspectives it is possible to admit that it may be used for cryptocurency-funds transferring by analogy with electronic funds transfer (EFT) that uses SEPA for European local bank transfers, BACS and FPS for UK local bank transfers, and ACH for US local bank transfers (Automated Clearing House network) to process the payment. The recurring ACH payment is the same as a recurring eCheck payment. 

By drawing a parallel with ACH payment the DPP-Coins eCheck might be electronically withdrawn from the payer’s Payoneer-associated account, sent via the ACH network to the payee’s banking institution, and then electronically depositing into the payee’s account associated with Payoneer Global Payment Service empowered-account– similar to a paper check, but just electronically.

ACH stands for “Automated Clearing House” that is the electronic network used by financial institutions providing the infrastructure used by payment processing companies in the jurisdiction in which the Startup Company or 3d-party partnering company is officially registered to operate DPP-Platfrom.
EFT stands for “Electronic Funds Transfer” that encompasses the terms for such types of financial transfers as "Electronic benefits payments" and "ACH disbursements".