Auditions and Releases Marketing Strategy

Project Developing Marketing Strategy:

“Scenes-Making Self-Director” and “Talents Audition” Concepts

Scenes-Making Self-Director and Talents Audition Project Participation

We are planning to use all of the tools that we need to cast our projects from web-based submission and online scheduling software to the end-user desktop application allowing uploading audition sessions to be organized and streamlined all-in-one place.

We are not intended to gather, store and distribute personal information of each individual who is interested in taking a part in at least one of our sub-projects in a capacity of The Talent (Actor/Actress) and “Scenes-Making Self-Director” who will be identified with a personal ID-number linked to social media profile(s) and/or media files published in the Internet.  The audition arrangements are to be created in compliance with local state personal data protection laws and other relevant regulations if applicable.

Celebrities (Audition
We use our “Talents Audition" marketing strategy to make each sub-project that structures the entire “Dimanasus Prophecy” project , designated as “global village crowd-project”, to be open for enrolling professional and non-professional actors/actresses, talents, studio executives, producers, directors, and casting professionals and others from all over the world. 

Our Project Developing Marketing Strategy aims to provide our potential audience, customers, actors/actresses and talents, representatives and all other categories of project participants with the relevant information and tools (mobile APPs, computer SOFT, etc.) they need to succeed by participating in our audiovisual products sub-projects as well as taking a part in the third-party project(s) we are linked to and collaborating or affiliated with.

Please Be Aware of that "If"-

(1) your web-audition multi-media materials are selected to be included into the footage of the final audiovisual product, subject to its monetization and capitalization, you will gain commissions, called “co-Author’s royalty” that is to be proportionally calculated relatively towards the total footage;  

(2) your multi-media material of selective scene(s) filmed or animated is selected to be included into the footage of the final audiovisual product, subject to its commercialization, you will gain commissions, called “profit-share” that is to be proportionally calculated relatively towards the total footage and to be guaranteed by Production Company’s shareholding gifting policy.    

Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Integration

Our marketing concept is based on creating project web-platforms to be integrated with Amazon (AWS) or/and Microsoft Azure and operationally designed to fit the specific requirements of each sub-project in order to:

- to choose who we'd like to receive submissions from and to send our project detailing info and instructions, stored and managed, directly to the “Talent” (keeping tracking submissions, auditions and casting callbacks);

-to request and keep stored photo/video references for our Talent Audition together with specific media clips necessary for our Projects Acting Focus Groups/Community; 
  • to custom project(s) release options for sending project detailing info to specifically selected Project Participants, Collaborators and Representatives worldwide;
  • to create ID-database with specific Membership criteria and audition history of  Talents/Actors/Actresses whom we have scheduled and auditioned (available for third-party casting directors and agencies whom we are or will be cooperating with and/or linked to);
  • to create and maintain Potential Custom Audience/Talents/Collaborators ID-database (favorites folders, lists, etc.).
Additional features for Project Participants and Acting Focus Groups allows communicating directly with our Representatives and Collaborators as well as third-party agents about audition statuses via the worksheet chat feature (viewing session information and noting pertaining to individual talent).
To become a Member, Collaborator or Representative of the certain sub-project that we are about to launch, please CONTACT US directly via email.

Project Collaborators, Affiliates and Representatives’ provision with the state-of-the-art audition uploading software is aimed to:
    • Create, edit, organize, and share casting sessions online with the most advanced system for auditioning talent available; 
    • Import schedules and use online check-in system to make talent profiles available to session runner; 
    • Record and edit multiple auditions moving to the next actor or group while the previous audition is still uploading;
    • Convert and upload video files;
    • Hide or re-arrange groups of Talents for gigging defined character’s role;
    • Provide session notes for our potential customers, clients and audiences (adjusting thumbnails for their presentations linked and setting permissions for each link, including the ability to view digital size sheets, resumes, etc.).

 Multimedia Submissions:
    • Received submissions that include high-quality photos and media clips.
    • Specific media requested in our project release (viewing clips directly from talents thumbnails on their submission pages;
    • Filter submissions by specific criteria that we designate.

Making, Sharing and Scheduling Selects’ Auditions:

- Prioritizing our selects below the talent thumbnail and using marking talent direct to callbacks;

- Sharing Selects with our collaborators, representatives and associates before the audition for feedback/ booking-off photos and video clips (electronic packages with complete talent ID-Profiles and media submissions);

-Organizing auditions using Drag-and-Drop scheduler and sending out audition locations and times, including sides (viewing confirmation statuses in the scheduler/ cancellations/ reschedule requests in one place on our project(s) worksheets and allowing viewing worksheet by specified criteria, including specific roles, schedules, confirmation statuses).

“Selective Scenes Role-Playing Master-Class” and “Suitable Character’s Portraying” Distant Learning Course

The Author arranges and provides on/off-line “Selective Scenes Role-Playing Master-Class” and “Suitable Character’s Portraying” distant learning course designed to teach how to -

Making, Sharing and Scheduling Selects’ Auditions
“BOOKFACE” or “FACE-BOOK-CASE”  Visualization Concept
         1) perform acting in the selected scenes of the screenplay; 

2) portray the certain character’s role according to the experimental conceptual idea of “oxy-moronic role-playing mirroring and allegorical/metaphorical acting” elaborated by the Author;

           3) be provided with specifically selected passage from the synopsis-screenplay or chapter, or screenplay according to the Talents’ appearance together with her or his “talents and gifts” such as playing musical instruments, music composing/arranging, singing, writing lyrics and poems and so on;

4)  make the videos to be either shoot on mobile gadgets cameras or  computer web-cameras that will allow their processing and editing for  creating the animated episodes or animation;

5) be provided with “Project Habits Acting Tips” and “Scenes Filming Self-Director Tips”. 

The Author is proud to bring you the wisdom, creativeness and non-standard working-on strategies and approaches elaborated by him in order to facilitate your prospective participation in his experimental audiovisual projects in a capacity of “Talent-as-Actor/Actress” and “Selective Scenes Self-Director Filming”. 

The deeper you trek into the wilderness of an artistic and amateur film-making career, the more likely it becomes that you will have to actually collaborate with the Author being enrolled into his projects and proposed to start benefiting from taking a part in at least one of them.