Please, note that GIF-images created as simple-looking animations are just a demonstration of the basic principles of author-elaborated visualization concepts briefly described  at this website as well as at Author’s Blogging web-resource


 “docufake” TV Live “Faked X Naked News” (FXN)
The GET-INSIDE UNDERLYING CONCEPT (aka GIN-Concept) is a scene-making glasses-free 3D visualization concept that applies to creating computer-animated scenes with a visual effect that allows spectator’s self-presence get-inside event-involved immersion. Visualized with the usage of the elements of satyr and parody, the scenes of “docufake” TV Live “Faked X Naked News” (FXN)  are purposed not only to entertain the spectators but to educate the public about specific tricks used by criminals to trap and “to harvest” their victims. The rhetoric insistently presses upon the audience to read the lips-headed characters’ images in a certain fashion.

2) “Oxymora Cognitive Mnemonic” VISUALIZATION CONCEPT

“Oxymora Cognitive Mnemonic” VISUALIZATION CONCEPT
The “oxymora” (or else “oxy-moron”) cognitive mnemonic (or else mnemo-technique) visualization concept conforms with creating glasses-free 3D computer-animated scenes dedicated to explaining the characters’ motivation-driven and self-questioning actions. 
This visualization concept, integrated with “Science of Stupid  VS. Science of Wisdom” visualization approach, aims at allegorical and metaphorical mirroring of characters’ actions in their dream-having scenes so the spectator will be given “a hint” about characters’ true motivation and “just another puzzle-piece” for the whole-story-puzzle.

3) “BOOKFACE”:  Motivational and Inspirational Call-2-Act Imagery Concept

“BOOKFACE” or else alternatively called “FACE-BOOK-CASE” is the Author elaborated term for conceptual idea of specifically designed scene visualization to be created with exploiting a set of special artistic imagery visual perception techniques and to be intended to help the viewers’ targeting-audience to get a new knowledge.
The presentation of series of BOOKFACE  imagery artworks linked to each other by rational and common sense, sound idea and mind, which at the first glance even might be seemed “illogical”, may take the form of a short story-telling in which the protagonist or so called “personified object” is faced with a difficult problem that needs to be solved or requires decision-making call to act. 
BOOKFACE visualization that excites the interest of viewers is purposely designed to avoid the narrative fallacy or misunderstanding by being addressed to the concrete viewers’ targeted audience, like for instance, belonging to the same culture and age group; otherwise “the hint” or “hidden message” contained into such visualization might be simply ignored.  


The fairy-tales modern-day equivalent interpretation concept of animated scenes together with “Dimanasus Prophecy Time’s Up!”  visualization concept are addressing to wide-range auditory to be told the whole story in the way of philosophical, allegorical and metaphorical funny-jokes-telling. 

The animations, or animated cartoon scenes, might be described as a gestalt cognitive and mnemonic art-work enriched in meaning and depth, embedded with celebrities’ fake images and caricatures allegory and symbolism, with the goal of “sending” messages that should capture a segment of the audience’s attention.

5) “Throw off the mask & Unmask yourself” Characters’ Visualization Concept 
“Dimana$U.$. Prophecy” story introduces the audience to a higher meaning of what is commonly called "love" and “attraction” that applies to the social phenomena of “Wearing the Masks” and “Attaching the  Labels”  causing the people around you to get the wrong impression about who you really are; thus the wrong impression can cause you to be sucked into lots of trouble. 

Characters’ imaging, scenes transitions and  VFX underlying concepts

Characters’ imaging, scenes transitions and 
VFX underlying concepts

1) "Glasses-free 3D Parallax Motion Visual Effects” 
(transitions and special video effects emulating 3D and stereopsis-enhancedenvironment);

2)  “Celebrities‘ Caricatures and Pictures Faking” 
(oxymoron cognitive mnemo-technique associative characters’ image-making);

3) “Real Actors’ Animated Scene Mounting” (real person’s appearance in cartoon animated scenes environment);

4)“Science of Stupid VS Science of Wisdom": Opt-illusions Brain-Gaming Visualization Approch (the usage of opt-art and brain-game visual perception aiming at creating virtually emulated reality environment);

5) “Red VS Blue FT White Stereopsis Enhancing” 
(creating 3D and stereopsis-enhanced environment).

6) Landscape Stretching 
This visualization concept is dedicated to the Author’s theory, called “RAY-Theory (to be decoded as Retrospective Annihilation Yay) which is a compilation of the theoretical assumptions. 

3D Landscape Stretching
The theory is based on postulated misconception of “Bing Bang Theory” that is affirming “annihilation expanding to multiple rays of light spinning” and “dark-matter to light-based matter converting”: the “key-prophecy” reflected in“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” plot).

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